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    Dr Shoham Letzter

    Murray Edwards College
    CB3 0DF

    Early Career Research Fellow



    I love the informal atmosphere in Murray Edwards and its beautiful gardens, and hope I can inspire young women to pursue a career in maths.

    Degrees and Honours

    MSc, MASt, PhD

    Awards and prizes

    First Smith Knight Prize (2014)
    Research Scholar at Trinity college (2012-2015)


    I did my undergraduate studies in my hometown, Haifa, Israel, at the Technion. I arrived in Cambridge in 2011, after completing my master’s degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and took the Part III course and then did a PhD, both at Trinity College.
    I am mostly interested in graph theory, an area in combinatorics that studies graphs, which are structures that can be used to model computer networks and social networks among other things. My research interests include various areas in graph theory, such as Ramsey theory, which studies conditions under which order must appear; extremal graph theory, which studies extremal (e.g. maximal) graphs satisfying certain conditions; and random graphs, where one tries to understand the typical structure of a graph that is generated randomly.

    In my free time I enjoy travelling, and am particularly fond of cycle touring. From time to time, when I feel inspired, I draw. I also like cooking, exercising and reading.

    Radon numbers for trees, Journal of Discrete Mathematics, accepted.
    Path Ramsey number for random graphs, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, doi:10.1017/S0963548315000279.
    Large monochromatic triple stars in edge colourings, Journal of Graph Theory, 80, 323–328, 2015.
    Separating path systems, Journal of Combinatroics, 5, 335–353, 2014, with V. Falgas-Ravry, T. Kittipassorn, D. Korándi and B. Narayanan. The property of having a k-regular subgraph has a sharp threshold, Random Structures and Algorithms, 42(4), 509–519, 2012.