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    The Accommodation Office, located in the basement of Pearl House, is typically the first port of call for any accommodation queries. Contact them by calling 01223 767775 or emailing

    However, maintenance issues (such as a faulty light or broken sink) should be reported using the Room Management System and in an emergency, please contact the Porters’ Lodge by calling 01223 762100 or emailing

    Licence agreements

    All our rooms are subject to licence agreements, which set out the rights and responsibilities of both the student and the College. View them here.

    Students should sign the appropriate licence. Room licences start on 1 October, except Buckingham House, which starts on the first Sunday after the 1 October  All nights prior to these dates will be charged for.

    Room keys

    Students are supplied with a key to their room by the Porters. All students should lock their room even if only leaving for a short time; unfortunately attempts at theft are not uncommon. Undergraduate students must return keys to the Porters when vacating their room at the end of each Term. Postgraduate students must return their keys when leaving for an extended period of time or at the end of their course. 

    Keys to public rooms (e.g. music rooms) are borrowed from the Porters' Lodge and must be returned immediately after use.


    Rooms in most buildings have electric central heating radiators and should not need supplementary heating. A standard charge is made in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms for heating. Please consult the Accommodation Office about supplementary heating if necessary. A standard charge is made for hot water and heating. In the external houses, bills for additional use of electricity and gas are divided among the occupants.

    Utilities charges are taken on account at the start of each term and will be adjusted at the end of the year. 

    Personal belongings and storage

    The security of property in College rooms is your responsibility and the College does not accept liability for loss or damage.

    Limited storage is available in the Trunk Store in the basement of Pearl House. For students in Buckingham House, there is storage on the 1st and 2nd floor kitchens for the Christmas and Easter vacations only.

    The Trunk Store is open between 08:00 and 15:30 Monday to Friday. There is a charge of £10 per student for the use of storage per vacation. Items must be checked into storage by a member of staff who will check the items and issue a label and receipt. There are crates available from Accommodation that you can use. Any not returned or returned damaged will incur a £15 charge.

    UK students may leave one suitcase or one rigid stackable crate/box during the Christmas and Easter vacations only. They may not use the Trunk Store over the long summer vacation.

    If you are leaving at the weekend, you must bring your belongings to the Trunk Store on the Friday before. You may nominate someone to obtain items from the Trunk Store for you on your behalf.

    If you have a refrigerator in your room, you are responsible for removing it from your room during the vacations. There is limited storage space for international students or for those who need a fridge for medical or religious reasons - in these cases you must contact the Accommodation Office in advance. For full details, please see the guidelines for fridges and freezers in College

    Items that cannot be stored in College

    The below items are not permitted in the Trunk Store and will be disposed of:

    • Food items
    • Furniture or rugs
    • Unpacked items such as duvets and pillows
    • Plastic bags and soft holdalls
    • Unsealed cardboard boxes or any loose items

    In the event of the College having to dispose of any personal belongings either as refuse or by donation to a charity, a charge of £5 per item will be placed on your College account.

    This includes any items:

    • Left in the room after you have vacated
    • Unchecked or not labelled found in Trunk Store
    • Left outside the Trunk Store or in corridors
    • Not collected within 10 days of the start of each term.

    International students

    International students may leave a maximum of four items in the Trunk Store, such as suitcases, a trunk, rigid stackable crates/boxes and a personal fridge. They may use the store over the long vacation as well.

    Visitors and guest rooms

    Students may entertain visitors in their rooms at any time, and guests may stay overnight (though not for more than one or two nights at a time). However, to prevent unwanted intruders, students are asked to meet visitors who arrive between 23:00 and 06:00, and accompany them to and from their rooms. The Porters have been asked to prevent unaccompanied strangers entering or leaving during these hours.

    Students can book rooms for guests via the Events Office. Please call 01223 762267 or email:

    Coming Up/Going Down

    It is extremely important that students are accurate about their going down/coming up dates and that these dates are relayed to the Accommodation Office by the advertised deadline each term. This allows us to schedule use, cleaning and maintenance of nearly 400 rooms. All students in College accommodation must submit a going down form, including those with a 39 week contract. 

    A £30 late form charge will be incurred, if going down forms are not submitted on time or if students alter their going down date after submitting their forms. Charges will therefore apply:

    • If the Accommodation Office does not receive notification of a student’s going down date by 17:00 on the required deadline date each term.
    • If the Accommodation Office does not receive notification of a student’s coming up date by 17:00 on the required deadline date each term.
    • If a student changes their going down or coming up date after 17:00 on the required deadline date as described above.

    A £25 variation charge will be incurred:

    • If a student stays in College accommodation longer than the agreed going down date.
    • If a student returns to College accommodation earlier than the agreed coming up date.

    In addition to this penalty, students will be charged for any rent due for extra nights in College accommodation. 

    If changes are unavoidable (e.g. due to flight cancellations) then appeals should be made in writing to the Senior Tutor, Dr Michele Gemelos, with appropriate supporting documentation.