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Computer Science

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Computer Science at Cambridge 

The Cambridge Computer Laboratory was the first computer science department in the world and the first to offer a computer science degree.  The course teaches the core concepts that underlie computer science as well as providing practical experience in these areas.

Full details about the structure and content of the course can be found on the Departmental website.

Computer Science in Murray Edwards College 

We welcome around 2-3 undergraduate students in Computer Science each year. Within the College as a whole this means we have around 6 undergraduate students, three postgraduate students, and three Fellows and Bye-Fellows interested in Computer Science or in closely related subject areas. 

Murray Edwards is conveniently situated a short walk from both Computer Laboratory and the sites in the centre of town where undergraduates have their first year supervisions. The college is responsible for organising supervisions - small group teaching - for the first two years and computer science students. These take place either in college or in the Computer Laboratory.

Computer science is a relatively small subject, both in the context of the university as a whole and within the college.  This means that our students usually form a close peer group and have frequent contact with their Director of Studies.

Applying to study here 

We look for students who are enthusiastic about their subject, motivated to learn more and have achieved highly in their examinations to date.  At interview we will be looking for evidence of some of the following qualities:  mathematical aptitude, motivation and interest in the subject, and willingness to take advantage of the opportunities that the Computer Laboratory provides. 

The university does not require applicants to have any programming experience, but programming is as much of a core skill for a computer scientist as algebra for a mathematician.  If you do not have any programming experience before applying then we will explore why you think that you will enjoy a course in computer science. 

We usually set conditional offers consistent with typical/standard offers across the University ie usually A*A*A at A level in concurrently studied subjects (or their equivalent).  Full details of entry requirements and selection processes for Computer Science across all colleges can be found on the central University webpages

Moving into your career

Our students follow a wide range of careers when they leave: some will want to stay closely involved with their subject interest while others will be keen to apply the skills and attributes they have developed while studying here to a wide range of opportunities. Our graduates find employment very easy to find, either at large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, or in smaller firms or in universities. 

We support students in developing their skills and in exploring varied career options through our Murray Edwards Gateway Programme.

Find out more

Many students find it helpful to contact us by email or to visit us to find out more. You are welcome to do so.

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