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Q&A: Linguistics

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Dr Dora Alexopoulou 

I am the Director of Studies in Linguistics.

My research interests are in second language acquisition, linguistic theory and theoretical and experimental syntax. I currently focus on combining linguistic and computational modelling of learner trajectories in big learner corpora. Research topics include: linguistic typology and learnability in L2, input processing instruction, child L2 acquisition and linguistic complexity in L2 development.

I am one of the people who set up and run the Cambridge Bilingualism Network, a public engagement initiative promoting the linguistic and cognitive advantages of bilingualism. I am also the founding Editor of Languages, Society and Policy (LSP), a journal aiming to connect research in linguistics and languages with policy making.

Cambridge Language Sciences profile.

What's special about Linguistics at Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the few places where you can study Linguistics as a subject on its own. The course does not require detailed knowledge of a particular language, making it accessible to those who have a general interest in language. The course combines papers on core language topics such as grammar, sounds, language learning, and language change with papers bringing perspectives on language from neuroscience, psychology, and computer science. You can also focus on specific languages by opting for papers from the MML Tripos. In your final year, you do a dissertation, which is a great opportunity to go deeper in your favourite topic and develop your research and writing skills. 

Watch the video below for more information. 


How does Murray Edwards College support its Linguistics students? 

Murray Edwards is unique among Cambridge Colleges with three Fellows in Linguistics who, between them, teach a wide range of papers, including grammar, acquisition, sociolinguistics, language change, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, French and history of linguistic ideas. Murray Edwards Fellows in Psychology and Modern and Medieval Languages teach Linguistics students opting for papers in their areas. Linguists participate in the Gabe Society where finalists have a chance to present their dissertation projects for discussion with students and Fellows in Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Murray Edwards College?

  • Our focus on the education of women
  • Teaching and sharing my passion for the study language
  • The art on the College walls: I don't pretend to understand it, but it's an invitation to look at the world differently, to question and do things differently.