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Medicine at Cambridge is intellectually stimulating and professionally challenging. Medical students experience a rigorous, evidence-based medical education within the research-rich environment of the University. At Cambridge, students study the medical sciences first, before learning to apply that knowledge to medical practice as a clinical student. More information about the course can be found on the University website.

Medicine at Murray Edwards College

We have a very strong tradition in Medicine, welcoming around 10 undergraduate students each year (Home and Overseas).  Within the College this means we will have around 60 medical students at any one time and it is a lively, highly interactive and supportive group. The pace of the course is demanding and it is through small group supervisions in College that students develop their understanding of the material covered and its clinical implications. We have dedicated Directors of Studies for the pre-clinical and clinical years who meet with students regularly.

Typical offer
A Level: A*A*A with A* in Chemistry and one other mathematics/science subject
IB: 42, 776 with 7 in IB Higher Level Chemistry and one other IB Higher Level mathematics/science subject

Required subjects
A Level: A Level in Chemistry and one of Biology, Mathematics and Physics
IB: IB Higher Level Chemistry and one of Biology, Mathematics and Physics

Admissions Assessment
All Standard Course (A100) applicants for Medicine are required to take the Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT), for which they must be registered in advance.

Written work
Murray Edwards Medicine applicants are not asked to submit written work to the College.

Read the Q&A with our Director of Studies in Medicine.

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