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Murray Edwards College
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Code of Practice regarding Elections and Party Political Activity

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    Code of Practice regarding Elections and Party Political Activity


    Current Version Adopted by Council: May 2017

    Review Date: May 2023

    Committee Ownership: Council

    The College’s objectives are learning, education and research and maintaining a College for students to study for degrees in the University. Party political campaigning does not support the delivery of these objectives and therefore, in accordance with Charity Commission guidance, the College may not engage in it. As a consequence of this, the public display of party political posters within public spaces within the College (including College houses) or via electronic media controlled by the College and similar or related party political activities are not permitted. Students are reminded that MECSU and the MCR are statutory bodies of the College and therefore also represent the College for these purposes.

    However the College’s policies on freedom of speech do not prevent the holding of events by members on the College’s premises subject to the College’s normal decanal processes for the approval and holding of meetings and “Prevent” duty procedures. Also College members may display material in their rooms (subject to the terms of room licences generally).

    In relation to handling electoral communications and canvassing:

    1. Electoral communications received by post will be dealt with in the same way as other post received by the College for its resident members.

    2. Door-to-door delivery of written material is not permitted with the College or College houses.

    3. Written material relating to an election issued by a candidate’s agent may be delivered to the Porter’s Lodge. It will then be made available to resident members by being placed in common rooms, but will not be put into individual pigeon holes.

    4. Door-to-door canvassing is not permitted in Colleges or College houses.