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Murray Edwards College
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Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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Murray Edwards College welcomes applicants committed to acquiring and understanding a major language and culture of East Asia or Middle East. The actual subject areas covered are China, Japan, the Islamic world and Hebrew studies; the courses are generally grounded in the proposition that to understand a culture it is first necessary to learn a relevant language.

Once a student has sufficient mastery over the language, he or she is introduced to the history, literature, religion and culture of the chosen area through direct study of texts in the original. The courses are four years in duration and students normally spend their 3rd year abroad in a target language speaking country.

Full details about the structure and content of the course can be found at the Departmental website.

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies in Murray Edwards College

We welcome 1-2 undergraduate students in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies each year.  Within the College as a whole this means we have around 3-4 undergraduate students although many more are interested in closely related subjects (such as languages and history).

Our students achieve good results (most achieve a 2.1) and speak highly of their experience.  

Dr Boping Yuan is the College's Director of Studies in AMES. He meets students regularly to discuss their academic progress.

Applying to study here

We look for students who are enthusiastic about their subject and have a good understanding of what studies in this area might involve.

No prior knowledge of the language is required and it is expected that first-year students will be learning the language from scratch. The main requirement is evidence of an intelligent and enquiring mind. The nature of the course does mean that some evidence of language-learning ability is helpful.

We usually set typical/standard offers in A levels of their equivalent ie usually A*AA in A-levels. Full details of entry requirements and selection processes across all colleges can be found on the central University webpages.

Moving into a your career

Our students follow a wide range of careers when they leave: some will want to stay closely involved with their subject interest while others will be keen to apply the skills and attributes they have developed while studying here to a wide range of opportunities.  

We support students in developing their skills and in exploring varied career options through our Murray Edwards Gateway Programme.

Find out more

Many students find it helpful to contact us by email or to visit us to find out more. You are welcome to do so.