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Rules for the Use of Academic Computing Facilities

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    Rules for the Use of Academic Computing Facilities at Murray Edwards College

    Adopted: April 2020
    Review: Lent Term 2023


    Allocation and Use of Resources

    Every allocation of computing resources shall be made on the understanding that it is to be used only for the purposes for which it was requested, and only by the person, or persons by whom it was requested. In particular it is NOT PERMITTED to make use of ID's and computer resources allocated to another person or group, or make these available to another person unless such use has been specifically authorised by the IT Manager.

    No person shall connect their own or any other equipment to the College network except in accordance with published instructions for use of the fixed network or wireless network.

    No person shall by any wilful or deliberate act jeopardise the integrity of the computing equipment, systems programs or other stored information, or interfere with the work of another user.

    The College accepts no responsibility for the integrity of any program or data stored on College equipment. In particular backup of data is the responsibility of individual users.

    Users of College computing facilities should be aware that the general rules covering the use of computing resources within the University issued from time to time by the University of Cambridge Information Strategy and Services Syndicate will be applied here also. Please see University Information Service: Policies

    No person shall use the College computing facilities for private financial gain or for commercial purposes, including consultancy or any other work outside the scope of official duties or functions, without specific authorisation to do so. Nor should any person use the facilities for anything which would conflict with the College’s "Prevent" duties under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

    Copyright and Confidentiality of Information

    No copyright material should be copied or published without the specific authorisation of the copyright holder. Note that multi-media facilities allow images, music etc. as well as text to be published via data networks, so there is even more scope for infringement of copyright than by traditional copying methods.

    All persons authorised to use computing resources shall be expected to treat as privileged any information which may become available through the use of these resources. No persons should attempt to access information unless they have explicit or implicit permission to do so.

    Breaches of the Rules

    In the first instance any person believed to be in breach of these rules will be reported to the IT Manager. Serious or repeated breaches of the rules will be reported by the IT Manager to the Dean for students, to the Bursar for staff and to the President for Fellows and Senior Members, who may at their discretion impose appropriate disciplinary action including suspension or removal of authorisation to use computer facilities. Furthermore cases of breach of Cambridge University Information Technology Rules will be reported to the Director of the Computing Service.