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    Photo of our 1968 group meeting in New York in 2010
    The 1968 year group travelled to New York in 2010

    Our global alumnae can be found all over the world, involved in a wide variety of exciting occupations and activities. We currently have over 5000 alumnae in more than 80 countries across the world. We always love to hear news of what our alumnae are up to, so please do keep in touch.

    Our Regional Rep scheme aims to keep alumnae in touch with each other, wherever they are. If you would like to get in touch with any of the representatives below please contact the Development Officer by calling 01223 762288 or emailing:

    Current Regional Reps

    UK and Ireland

    Aberdeen - Abbe Brown (Lockhart) NH 1989

    Northern Ireland - Beth Aiken (Bowers) NH 2001

    London - Tracey Campbell NH 1980

    Bristol - Jenny Bradley NH 1974

    North West England - Lynne Jones  (Daly) NH 1973


    Australia (South Australia) - Julia Miller (Haisley) NH 1980

    Australia (Western Australia) - Mary  Webberley NH 1991

    Brazil - Teca Galvao NH 1996

    Canada - Patricia Snell NH 2009

    France - Lucy Manchester-Taylor  NH 2001

    Germany - Wing Ying Chow NH 2004

    India (New Delhi) - Piya Gupta NH 1994

    Malaysia - Sharon Saw NH 1986

    Singapore - Sharon Craggs NH 1982

    South Africa - Fiona Burtt NH 1984

    Sri Lanka - Romola Shanthi Wilson NH 1976

    Taiwan - Ami Yang NH 2001

    USA (Boston) - Maija Pratt Rojas NH 1993

    USA (Denver, Colorado) Andrea Catalano NH 1998, Helen Yost (Moran) NH 1993

    USA (Missouri) Stacie Strong NH 1998

    USA (New Jersey) - Sheila Hallam (Cooksley) NH 1978

    USA – Washington DC - Sarah Jackson-Han  NH 1988

    Interested in becoming a regional representative?

    The role of a Regional Rep is interesting and enjoyable and takes up relatively little time. By acting as a point of contact for alumnae in your area, you will help us to widen the alumnae network. Whether you wish to organise reunions, gather contact details for alumnae in your area, or help us to organise an event in your region, you may be surprised at how many New Hall alumnae live close by!

    If you are interested in becoming a Regional Rep – either in the UK or overseas – then please contact the Development Officer for further details, by calling 01223 762288 or emailing: