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Lost property

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Procedure for lost or found property


Items lost or found/abandoned on College property (other than in bedrooms)

All items should be handed into the Porters' Lodge. The Porter receiving the items will record details of this item, time and date it was handed in, where found, person handing it in, their contact details, and record where the item will be stored safely, “each item has a reference number”.

Attempts will be made to contact the owner of lost/found property if identifiable. If it is re-claimed by the identified person it will be released and signed for by the identified person as collected. All lost property will be kept for three months and items are listed and recorded, written permission is acquired from the Bursar for the disposal of any of unclaimed items. Once approved by the Bursar the finder will be notified and offered the item if they had showed previous interest in the item. After four months all these items left in storage will be disposed of or donated to charity as appropriate and at the discretion of the Bursar.

Items lost or intentionally abandoned and found in bedrooms/communal areas

Items found by housekeeping staff in bedrooms/communal areas left by students, conference guests or staff after their departure that are handed into the Housekeeping Office will where identifiable will be returned to its rightful owner and recorded via email to the Porters' Lodge for our records, this has to be carried out by the Accommodation Manager/Conference Manager. If the item cannot be identified it must be handed into the Porters' Lodge and will be recorded as above for recording and storing.

Employees must consider very carefully whether the item is in fact lost or abandoned and these items would include: soft drinks and food.  Alcohol will be disposed of at the discretion of the appropriate line manager in correspondence with the Bursar.

Clearly low or nil-value items

Items which are clearly of low value or perishable are still deemed to be lost or abandoned property and therefore handed into the Porters' Lodge and recorded.