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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

LGBTQ+ Community

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Murray Edwards College provides a warm and welcoming environment for students who self-identify within the broad spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community in which every student can thrive and succeed, and we understand that this can only happen when students feel comfortable in expressing their identities fully and proudly.

Murray Edwards College was one of the first five Colleges in Cambridge to support the Care+ Campaign, which is a University-wide initiative dedicated to making Colleges, Departments and Faculties more inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ students. In Easter 2021, the College created an LGBTQ+ Working Group, comprised of Fellows, staff and students, whose role it is to organise social events throughout the year and promote equality and diversity amongst the student body, staff and Fellowship.

The College’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity extends to all aspects of College life to ensure that everyone in our community feels safe and a sense of belonging during their time at Cambridge. 

If you are a current or prospective Trans or Non-binary student, please see the links below, which include information about our Gender Recognition Fund.

LGBTQ+ Contacts