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The Economics undergraduate course at Cambridge offers students the opportunity to study economics both at a theoretical and an applied level. Cambridge equips the students with a toolkit they can use to explore real world problems. Students learn the formal economic analysis, the policy prescriptions that follow as well as the political and economic context in which these policies are implemented.  More details about the course can be found on the University website.

We aim to admit four students a year at Murray Edwards meaning that there are around a dozen undergraduates at the College at any one time making for a strong and vibrant community.  We do not require any subjects at A Level (or equivalent) apart from Mathematics but students with at least AS Level in Further Mathematics will be at an advantage over those without.


Studying Economics at Murray Edwards

We have two fellows in Economics at Murray Edwards. Dr Sara Horrell is a Reader in Economic History, whose research focuses on gender, work and living standards in Britain, especially in the nineteenth century. Dr Juan Block has a shared position as College Teaching Officer at Murray Edwards and as a post-doctoral researcher within the Faculty of Economics. His research focuses on the behavioural underpinnings of microeconomics.


Admissions Assessment and Interview arrangements

As with all applicants for Economics, if you apply to Murray Edwards you will be required to sit the Economics Admissions Assessment in your school, college or a registered test centre.  You will also be asked to submit some written work from your A Level (or equivalent) studies.  If you are invited for interview then you will have two subject-specific interviews with our fellows in Economics who will be joined by other academics.


Offer levels

If you receive an offer from Murray Edwards College then it will be the standard University offer of A*A*A at A Levels, 40-42 points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) with 776 at Higher Level (HL) or equivalents in other qualification.  We may specify those subjects in which we wish you to achieve the top grade.


What our students say

"The Economics degree at Cambridge allows for you to explore all remits within the discipline- from political thought to mathematical theory, giving you the opportunity to understand the intricacies of the world around you. A place at Murray Edwards grants you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in an approachable and collaborative environment. Through the Gateway Scheme, Economics College Fellows and College Mother-Daughter programme, you will always have someone to turn to when it comes to your studies. "

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