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Studying the ancient world opens our eyes to how society may work completely differently from the way it works today.  Covering the languages, literature, history, philosophy, art, archaeology and linguistics of ancient Greece and Rome, Classics can be studied across three or four years and each version of the course is applied for separately. More details about the courses can be found on the University website.


Studying Classics at Murray Edwards

Students at Murray Edwards are supervised both by Fellows of the College and experts from other colleges across the University.  In a typical week, students will have two language supervisions (one on Greek and one on Latin), one supervision in prose composition (either Greek or Latin) and one essay supervision, on top of their Faculty lectures and work for any Faculty classes they take.  In first year, students are typically partnered for supervisions with a fellow Medwardian, but as they choose specialist options in later years they are often taught with students from other colleges.

At Murray Edwards, we welcome around three undergraduate students in Classics each year. Within the College as a whole we have around ten undergraduate students, three postgraduate students, and one Fellow interested in the subject. The Classics community in Murray Edwards meets at least once or twice a term for informal get-togethers and to learn about each other’s work. This might involve a graduate student presenting their thesis or a Part II student discussing their dissertation research. At the end of the year, there is a garden party, to which all Classics students in the College are invited, as well as academics from any College who have supervised Murray Edwards students during the year.

For the three-year course, Latin at A Level or equivalent is a requirement but no other subjects are needed.  There are no specific subjects that are required for the four-year course.  Subjects that might be considered useful preparation include Classical Civilisation, English, History or a modern language.


Our People

Our Classics Fellow, Dr Hannah Willey, is a University Lecturer in Ancient History, who directs studies for both the three- and four-year courses. She is particularly interested in Ancient Greek religion.


Admissions Assessment and Interview Arrangements

As with all applicants for Classics, if you apply to Murray Edwards and are invited for interview then you will be required to sit the Classics Admissions Assessment when you come for your interviews in Cambridge.  You will also be required to submit written work from your A Level (or equivalent) studies. If you are invited for interview you will have two interviews at Murray Edwards and one at another college.  At Murray Edwards, one interview will be subject-specific with our Fellow in Classics and the other will be a general academic interview with our Admissions Tutor, Dr Andrew Spencer, who is a medieval historian. Your third interview will be a subject-specific interview at another College with their Director of Studies and another classicist.  You will be told in advance where this interview will be and we will help ensure that you get there without any problems.


Offer levels

If you receive an offer from Murray Edwards College then it will be the standard University offer of A*AA at A Level, 42 points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) with 776 at Higher Level (HL) or the equivalent in other qualifications.  If you are applying for the three-year course, we may decide to specify that you achieve the top grade in Latin (or, if you are taking it, Greek). For the four-year course we may decide to ask for the top grade in a specific subject if we believe that subject to be especially relevant to studying Classics.


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