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    Murray Edwards College has a long tradition of encouraging the brightest young people to apply to study at top universities – regardless of their school or socio-economic background.

    When considering applications to study here, we look for students who have a passion for the subject they’ve applied for, a strong work ethic, evidence of high academic achievement and of academic potential. We do not expect students to come from a certain type of background – or to look or sound a certain way. 

    Over the last three years, the proportion of UK students joining Murray Edwards from state schools has been 74% (2021), 74% (2020) and 68% (2019 ).

    Our approach

    Widening participation in higher education is a complex issue. We aim to take an approach informed by research, noting:

    • The importance of role models to inform and inspire
    • The need to tackle the under-representation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects
    • The importance of self-belief and confidence for those aiming high

    As a College, we work with UK state schools to raise aspirations, support students in making choices about their education, and ultimately encourage students to make applications to the best universities for them, including the University of Cambridge.

    The support we offer

    We frequently host school/college visits as well as visiting schools and colleges in our link areas (Derbyshire, Haringey and Greater Manchester). Please note that although Murray Edwards College only accepts applications from students who identify as female, we work with co-educational schools/colleges in our link areas as well as single-sex schools/colleges. 

    In addition, we offer a comprehensive programme of outreach activities throughout the year, including:

    • Aspiration Days – For school students in Year 10 who may aspire to university and who are beginning to consider the choices ahead.
    • Application Days – for school  students in Year 12 who are thinking about applying to Cambridge.
    • Low Participation Neighbourhood Summer School – for academically able students from areas of the country where students are less likely to enter higher education.

    Find out more about these and other initiatives on our Outreach events page.

    Find out more about the Area Links Scheme.

    If you have questions about any of our outreach activities, please email