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Q&A: Computer Science

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Ms Luana Bulat 

I am Director of Studies, a Fellow and College Lecturer in Computer Science at Murray Edwards College.

My research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) lies at the intersection of computer science, machine learning and cognitive science. I am mainly interested in computational semantics: automatically constructing meaning representations of natural language expressions. I also work on multi-modal semantics (learning representations of word meaning that are connected to the physical world), computational modelling of figurative language as well as meaning representation in the brain. Overall, my research attempts to bridge the gap between the different research communities (NLP, computer vision and cognitive science), with a starting point in the basic resources and types of information assumed and used by each community. 

What's special about Computer Science at Cambridge?

Cambridge has an impressive track record in Computer Science, being the first University in the world to offer a Computer Science degree. You’ll have the opportunity to be taught by world-leading experts and you will be surrounded by exceptional peers, from all backgrounds and corners of the world, with a genuine passion in Computer Science. 

The course aims to help you become a well-rounded Computer Scientist. It is designed with both breadth and depth in mind: it teaches you the theoretical aspects of Computer Science, whilst also equipping you with the practical skills you need to revolutionise the technologies of the future.

How does Murray Edwards College support its Computer Science students?

Our Computer Science students are well supported in College. We are able to organise supervisions (small-group tutorials) for all courses, including the more specialised ones taken in the final year of the Computer Science Tripos. As Director of Studies, I maintain close contact with my students and assist them throughout their degrees, including when applying for summer internships or jobs. 

Our undergraduate students also participate in the Computer Science Talks series (organised in collaboration with various other Colleges). This initiative not only enhances our students’ soft skills but also gives them an opportunity to explore state-of-the-art aspects of Computer Science. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Murray Edwards College?

The College’s dedication to women’s education and development can be felt in every conversation. I am truly inspired by the students at Murray Edwards and am committed to nurturing their interests and seeing them thrive. Being part of the College offers an immense opportunity for growth, in an environment that promotes inclusiveness and excellence.