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Murray Edwards College
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Photo of Murray Edwards College students rowing on the Cam
Students from Murray Edwards College Boat Club rowing on the Cam

In addition to the on-site gym, squash court and netball/tennis courts, Murray Edwards has a range of different teams for people of all interests and abilities. 

For all enquiries, please contact the JCR Sports Officer, Erin Davies.


Everyone is welcomed, we aren’t serious! We compete in the intercollegiate Cuppers competition each year and were last years’ winners.


Badminton Club welcomes all players, whether you simply need a break from work, want to learn a new sport or are interested in competing for the college. Our main session takes place on Saturday afternoons/evenings (depending on the time of year), with additional training on Sunday afternoons.


We merged with Girton last season – proving quite successful considering the team’s recent promotion to Division 2 and success in reaching the Cuppers Finals’. We train once a week on the pitches next door at St Edmunds College and league matches are usually on Saturday afternoons.


We play matches most Sundays against other colleges and the team is open to all abilities. We have a lot of fun and do pretty well!

Lacrosse Club (Combined with Peterhouse and Fitzwilliam College)

Our mixed lacrosse team is joint with Peterhouse and Fitzwilliam colleges. We play very relaxed matches around once a week (usually on Sundays), all abilities are welcome!


Netball at Medwards is a welcoming group covering all abilities, from seasoned pros to total beginners. We run a friendly training session every week, as well as putting two teams forward in college league matches and cuppers.


Boat Club Contact:

Rowing is a great way to get to know people in College and show some Medwards pride. Early outings may not sound appealing but one of the most beautiful sites to behold in Cambridge is to see the morning mist roll across Midsummer commons as you head out into the countryside. We welcome any standard and have many novice teams for beginners!

Further information about rowing for Murray Edwards can be found on the Murray Edwards College Boat Club website.


We are a new club which is making the most of Medwards’ very own squash court. We meet informally and no experience is necessary. Plus, it is always warm as it is played indoors (big perk!)


We are a super relaxed and friendly team and all come together for the annual Swimming Cuppers. We had a particularly impressive performance this year, qualifying for three of the final events and putting in a strong performance in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate is a mixed team sport that welcomes people of all abilities.  A lot of people who join have never properly thrown a frisbee before.  It's great fun and friendly, and this year Churchill is joining with Murray Edwards for the first time!