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Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC)

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Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC) is a unique course, combining historical, linguistic and literary study of the British Isles, Scandinavia and Brittany during the early Middle Ages. ASNC students discover medieval history while learning one or more languages and reading great works of literature in the original languages. Full details of the structure and content of the course can be found on the University website

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Murray Edwards College

At Murray Edwards College, we welcome one or two undergraduate students in ASNC each year.  Within the College as a whole this means we usually have around three undergraduate students, and sometimes one or two graduate students. The subject community meets for social events throughout the academic year.

Typical offer
A Level: A*AA
IB: 42, 776

Required subjects
No specific subjects are required.

Admissions Assessment
Murray Edwards ASNC applicants are not required to take either a pre-registered or Cambridge College registered assessment. 

Written work
Applicants to all Colleges are required to submit two pieces of written work prior to interview. 

Read our Q&A with the Director of Studies for Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic.

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