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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Student-led socials

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For current students

Instagram @medwardsjcr

The JCR Instagram is used to highlight events and information for students. It tells students more about the JCR Committee, runs student takeovers, and posts about events happening at Murray Edwards.

MECSU (Murray Edwards College Student Union) website

This is the JCR website. It includes tonnes of information for students and is where minutes from the JCR Committee meetings are published.

Facebook @murrayedwardsjcr

This is where JCR events are posted and discussed.

MECSU Facebook group

This is the Facebook group used by most students to access events and communicate with other members of the undergraduate student body. This group is private and students must request access to join.


For prospective students and offer holders

YouTube @Murray Edwards JCR

JCR members post about College life here. These videos aim to offer an insight into daily life at the College.

Instagram @insidemedwards

This JCR-run account specialises in answering questions from prospective students and offer holders. It also aims to give an idea of what life is like at Murray Edwards.

TikTok @murrayedwardsjcr

Coming soon! This is another platform to learn about College life at Murray Edwards. Students will share snippets from their life at College and offer advice to anyone considering applying to Murray Edwards.