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Geography is an exciting and multi-disciplinary course, offering a wide range of topics spanning both human and physical geography

Every Geography degree is different, and at Cambridge, we have a broad range of specialisms, including glaciology, volcanology, biogeography, atmosphere, urban studies, conservation, feminism, development, austerity, work, demography, hazards, geopolitics, and polar studies - to name but a few! You begin by developing a broad knowledge in both human and physical geography before choosing whether to specialise or maintain a balance across the subject as a whole. More information about the course can be found on the University website.  

Geography at Murray Edwards

Murray Edwards is a wonderful College for geographers. We typically admit 4-5 Geography undergraduates in each year, giving a College community that is small enough to remain friendly and close-knit, yet big enough to attract an exciting mix of interests, personalities, and backgrounds. We encourage students to work together as well as independently to develop their ideas and to think critically. Murray Edwards students often choose overseas topics for their third year dissertations and spend much of the long vacation at the end of their second year in populated or remote, wet or dry, hot or cold parts of the planet.

Typical offer

A Level: A*AA 

IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

No specific subjects are required.

Admissions assessment

No admissions assessment is required.

Written work

Applicants are not required to submit written work.

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