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The Gateway Programme

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    Eleanor Deeley in Western Uganda
    Eleanor Deeley in Western Uganda

    Unique to Murray Edwards College, this programme enables students to make the most of the academic and career opportunities available with workshops and funding.

    The Gateway Programme for current undergraduate and graduate students includes:

    • academic development,
    • career development,
    • internships,
    • funding for enterprising experiences

    Academic Development

    This strand helps you to make the most of the academic opportunities available by providing workshops about:

    • making the transition to university studies,
    • managing your time,
    • making the most of supervisions,
    • pursuing academic excellence,
    • revising effectively and exam preparation. 

    Workshop sessions are led through experienced academic fellows and through our highly regarded student peer advisers.  They include a blend of substantive information and subject-related discussion.

    "Just talking to the second year student about the course, essays, supervisions and other aspects of work really helped me to get my head around the way that things worked here." Year 1 student

    (College students can book sessions and see more information via Moodle.)

    Careers and personal development

    This strand includes workshop sessions to help you get ahead towards the career of your choice. Some sessions, for example those about CVs, mock interviews and networking, concentrate on very practical advice  and engagement. Other sessions blend substantive information with more reflective discussion for example in  reviewing your own strengths and understanding the breadth of the job market. There are also opportunities to apply for internships and work-shadowing in a range of different fields, most are through alumnae and specific to the College

    'Gateway made the difference between just getting a standard job when graduating and launching an exciting, ambitious and focused career' - Catherine

    Murray Edwards Internships

    The College has negotiated around 15 internships as part of the Murray Edwards College Internship Initiative. The internships on offer vary each year, but have included publishing, marketing, event management, health policy, journalism, law and technology.

    Gateway Challenges Funding

    The Gateway Programme encourages ambition, challenge and excellence. Experiences have an important contribution to make, but finance is often a constraint. This funding is intended for students who have participated within the Gateway Programme and who want to build their skills, resilience and experience further through their own challenging interests.

    You can find out how our award holders spent their funding in recent years by visiting our dedicated Gateway Challenges Funding blog. Information about applying is circulated in Lent term and the deadline for applications are made in May each year.