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Undergraduate accommodation

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    Buckingham House

    Buckingham House has 35 generous en suite bedroom and is the most modern undergraduate accommodation in College. There are two large kitchens on the first two floors and a smaller kitchen on the third floor.

    Licences for these rooms are for 26 weeks only although additional accommodation can usually be arranged (at an extra cost) for students wishing to remain in College during the vacation.

    College houses

    The College owns a small number of houses within a five minute walk of the College. Many of these are on the opposite side of Huntingdon Road. Popular with third year students, they allow for more independent living but with College facilities still close at hand.
    Each house has a bathroom, kitchen, washing machine and garden.

    Licences for these rooms are 39 weeks.

    Hammond House and Clover House

    Situated a little further from the heart of College but still on the main site are Hammond House and Clover House. They have 12 and 6 bedrooms respectively. Both houses have living and dining rooms as well as kitchens, allowing for a more sociable living experience.

    Licences for these rooms are 33 weeks although additional accommodation can usually be arranged (at an extra cost) for students wishing to remain in College during the vacation. 

    Orchard Court

    Bedrooms in Orchard Court vary in size and style. Most are single rooms although a handful of students each year will choose to share. Rooms on the top floors are split level with a bed upstairs and a study, storage and seating downstairs. Students in this building share bathrooms although the ratio of students per bathroom can be as few as 2:1. All students have access to well-equipped kitchens, most of which have seating areas, making for a more sociable experience.

    Licence periods vary between staircases. You have the option to choose a room with a 33-week licence (Term-time only) or a 39-week licence, meaning you don't have to remove your belongings over the Christmas and Easter vacations.

    Paula Browne House

    Paula Browne House has 25 rooms over three floors. 17 rooms are en suite and the remaining 8 rooms share four bathrooms. There is a spacious kitchen on two floors and two small kitchens on the top floor. 

    Licences are either 33 or 39 weeks.

    Pearl House

    Bedrooms in Pearl House are reserved for first year students and are en suite.

    Room licences are for 31 weeks only (Term time).




    If you have any questions about undergraduate accommodation, please email the Accommodation Office.