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While some University exams are scheduled at other times of the year, the majority are in Easter term. Some are at the very beginning of Easter term, in April, but the majority take place from the middle of May to the beginning of June. 

Most of the information on this page focuses on practical aspects of University exams. However, it is very important to remember that University exams build on what you have done throughout the year. Everyone works in a different way, so instead of comparing yourself to other people, think about what works for you and plan your revision time in line with this. Be proactive in your revision supervisions, and active in your revision strategies (do practice papers, discuss questions with friends and so on).

Looking after yourself during exam term is important. There will be many events within College to help you to do this, so keep an eye out for these and take up these opportunities. Building up your own confidence and developing your resilience throughout the year is also important. 

Further advice is available through the Student Advice Service on exams.

Exam enrolment

Students must make their exam entries themselves through CamSIS (University of Cambridge online Student Information System) once instructed to do so by the Tutorial Office.

Exam enrolments need to be done by you and your Director of Studies by the first Tuesday in November. Some Triposes are "bulk enrolled" which means that the University enrolls subjects in which there are no paper choices necessary.  Your Director of Studies will be able to advise you if any action is required from you. 

The following Tripos entries are handled differently:

  • Engineering Tripos IIA and IIB (managed in the Department via COMET)
  • Natural Sciences Tripos Astrophysics Part III (managed by the Department)
  • Natural Scientists - you are asked to enrol only in the subject placeholder for each of your options. Therefore NST0 should enrol for four subjects and NST1 for three (not NST1, you will still see the individual papers but please only enrol for your three chosen subjects).
  • Mathematical Tripos Part III and M.A.S.T. (managed by the Department)
  • MML students, and any others, on a year abroad (Part II MML oral exam entries are made via the Tutorial Office in Easter Term)
  • Clinical Medics & Vets (entered via the relevant departments and/or Student Registry)

Your entry will not be registered by the Board of Examinations until your Director of Studies has approved it. The Tutorial Office will monitor this to ensure that entries are all submitted by the relevant deadlines so please make your entries by the above dates.

Before making your entries, please ensure that:

  • You know your Raven password. If you have forgotten it, follow these instructions
  • You know which papers you will be sitting, following consultation with your Director of Studies.

Special examination conditions

Exams are organised by the University and take place in central locations, at the times specified on your yellow exam confirmation forms (issued at the start of the Easter Term). Under certain circumstances, students may be allowed to take their exams under special conditions. For example, some students with a Specific Learning Difficulty have assessment reports which recommend extra time, or the use of a computer. Any applications for special conditions are made through the student’s College Tutor. Note that Tutors are required to submit all applications relating to existing, diagnosed conditions by 6 February preceding your examination. It is important that students allow sufficient time to discuss their requirements with their Tutor prior to this deadline. Supporting evidence for your application must be submitted by the end of Lent Term.  

The Board of Exams provides further information and guidance on the University's procedures for making arrangements for taking examinations under special conditions. It also provides information on the system of examination allowances and warnings.

You can also find information on the Disability Resource Centre's website. 

Further information

There is also further useful information on the University's Examinations website. It is very important that you familiarise yourself with your examinations timetable, including the location of your exams, in advance. 

In an emergency on the day of an exam, you must make sure that you contact the Tutorial Office, either using the details below or the Tutorial mobile phone (details will be provided to you at the start of exam term),. 

Helpful links and tips

  • For help with exam enrolment, view the short online demo which goes through the procedure step-by-step.
  • Check your Tripos code on the Board of Examinations website.
  • All the papers available in your Tripos will be visible to you once you reach the online enrolment page. 
  • Please note that the option Taking the examination 'Not for Honours' or by special leave only applies to a very few students (e.g. 1 yr exchange students).

If you have any queries, contact the Tutorial Office by calling 01223 762203 or emailing:

Mock exams and exam practice sessions

At Murray Edwards College, most first year students sit mock exams just before the start of Full Term in January.  Your Director of Studies will provide you with further information on what this will involve, but do ensure that you are aware of this when planning your return to Cambridge at the start of Lent term.  Additionally, we offer two invigilated practice exam sessions at the start of the Easter term (usually on two consecutive Saturdays).  The Tutorial Office will send you details of this, but you are welcome to sign up, and bring your own questions to answer under exam conditions.