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Keys and cards

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Key and card procedure




  • Accommodation room keys are issued to the student for their allocated student room. 
  • The key will always have a fob attached with a number for identification and so that the Porters can identify the room and student to whom it has been issued.
  • The key is issued to the student and signed for in the Key Allocation Record kept at the Porters' Lodge.  
  • The safe keeping of the key is the responsibility of the student. 
  • All keys, without exception, must be returned to the Porters' Lodge when the student goes down from College at the end of each Term or leaves College for more than one week.
  • Students booking rooms via the Events Office should be present at the event and they are responsible for signing the room key in and out.
  • Student room keys will not be issued to any other person to gain access to another student’s bedroom, unless written confirmation from the occupant is received at the Porters' Lodge naming the person who may access the room. This person should present a form of ID to the Duty Porter before signing and handing over the key.



  • The College Administrator communicates to the Fellows to use the appropriate form to obtain a key. 
  • Fellows who have given permission for a third party to use their room and permission has been granted by the Head Porter to allow this person to have a key must be recorded in the key register. Non-members must sign for keys at the time of use and return once they have finished. 
  • The College Administrator will send these at the stage of their acceptance of the post.
  • All keys must be returned as a leaver and signed returned.


Staff issued with keys for general access should not take them home. The Departmental Manager assumes responsibility for the security of keys held by key holders in their departments

  • Line Managers/Porters' Lodge will submit the relevant key request form for the required keys for a new member of staff and submit the form to the Head Porter/Deputy Head Porter for keys to be prepared for collection and signed. 

General access and information

  • Keys for certain offices/study rooms are issued on a daily basis and the details of the person taking the key must be recorded on the Daily Key Register at the Porters' Lodge. 
  • This must be a member of Murray Edwards College or otherwise organised and communicated by Departments as it is the responsibility of that person to ensure that the key is returned to the Lodge as soon as the key is no longer needed, or before 23:00, whichever is sooner. The room should be left locked and secure.

Lost keys

  • If keys are lost, a charge may be applicable for all replacement keys. 
  • All keys are applicable to a charge. Any charges to students will be added to their student account.
  • There is no charge for stolen keys if a police incident report number is given at the time of reporting the loss. 
  • Similarly, keys will not be charged for if they break through normal wear and tear. Any loss or damage must be reported to the Porters' Lodge at the earliest opportunity. 
  • A form will be completed at the Lodge recording the details and a temporary key (with a yellow fob) will be issued for student keys only. 
  • This key must be returned within 48 hours. If there is a practical and genuine reason why this is not possible, then the student should report this at the Porters' Lodge and an extension may be granted. 
  • Spare keys must be returned within seven days. 
  • The keys used by the College are manufactured under licence in order to provide a high level of security and must not be replicated under any circumstances.



Room occupants may be charged for any damage caused to locks, or locks which have to be replaced due to a key being lost or misused. The cost will be assessed at the time by the Head of Estates and added to the student’s college bill and they will be informed of the cost.


Cards are issued from the Porters Lodge. 


  • The holder of a card is only allowed to have one active card at any one time. 
  • The holder of a card that is lost or stops working for any reason will need to fill in a form for a replacement or via email to the Head Porter or Deputy if living out of College, a replacement card will be ordered. 
  • A temporary card may be kept for 48 hours and then should be returned to the Lodge. An extension may be given if the replacement card has not arrived. 
  • All expired cards should be returned to the Head Porter, a form for a new card must be completed before a new card can be ordered. 
  • All non-working cards must be returned to the Card Office via the Porters' Lodge.
  • Visitors and ad-hoc contractors will be issued with a ‘visitor pass’ at point of entry and must wear them at all times throughout their visit to Murray Edwards College. The holder of the pass will be responsible for their visitor pass to be returned to the Porters' Lodge upon leaving the College.

Lost or stolen cards

Any conduct that might compromise the safety and security of Murray Edwards College in accordance with GDPR regulations and in conjunction with the T&C’s of the Card Office will be reported to the College Dean or Bursar who will decide if this is a disciplinary matter. 

  • When a University card is lost or mislaid, this should be reported as soon possible to the Porters' Lodge. The Porters will de-activate the card in order to prevent it being used by anyone who finds it.
  • A temporary card will be issued to the individual for a 48 hour period at which time they should return this to Porters' Lodge, either to hand in the temporary card if theirs has been found, or to report it as lost which will prompt the College’s nominated card representative to request a new card. 
  • In special circumstances an extension to the temporary card can be granted.
  • The College reserves the right to charge £15.00 for each card to cover the costs of a replacement card. 
  • If a temporary card has not been returned to the Lodge or contact made to acquire an extension, the individual concerned will be reminded by email to return the card. If the temporary card has not been returned within seven days the Head Porter has the right to presume the card as lost and it will be deactivated and this will incur a charge of £5.00.
  • Stolen cards are treated in the same way unless the card holder can provide a police crime number for the University Card Office records irrespective of where in the world the card was stolen. When the matter is reported at the Porters' Lodge, the Porter will ensure this is recorded on the card request form and a temporary card issued if needed.
  • Once a request for a replacement card has been made to the University Card Office, under no circumstances can this be cancelled.