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Rules for the publication of information on the internet

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    Rules for the publication of information on the internet in Murray Edwards College

    Adopted: April 2020
    Review Date: Lent Term 2023


    These rules apply to all members of College publishing information over the College computer network on to the internet (or otherwise) whether they are using the University managed desktop facilities or their own device. Administrators of student-run web servers in Murray Edwards College are reminded that they are responsible for their users keeping these rules.

    • Information published by individuals does not represent the views or policy of the College or the University of Cambridge, and users should not imply otherwise.
    • Nothing may be published which tends to bring the College or the University into disrepute or which could endanger its good name and reputation.
    • Anything which is illegal in itself is also a breach of College and University regulations; this includes, but is not limited to:
      • Publication of defamatory material;
      • Breach of copyright;
      • Publication contrary to the Official Secrets Act;    
      • Incitement to racial hatred or discrimination;
      • Personal data covered under General Data Protection Regulations
      • Publication of illegal pornographic material
      • Anything which would conflict with the College's Prevent duty
    • No material may be published which infringes the acceptable use policies of the University Data Network (CUDN) or the Joint Academic Network (JANET) or which breaches the rules laid down by the Information Strategy and Services Syndicate. In particular, the following may not be transmitted across the network:
      • Offensive, obscene or indecent images;
      • Material designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety (including computer viruses);
      • Defamatory material;
      • Material designed for private financial gain or for commercial purposes, including consultancy.

    Breach of these rules may lead to suspension or removal of authorisation to use computer facilities, removal of authorisation to use a network connection, College and/or University disciplinary action, and criminal or civil prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act or other relevant legislation.