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Annex C

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Annex C: Role of Safeguarding Officer

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the College’s Safeguarding Policy.

The role of the Safeguarding Officer is as follows:

1.    To promote a safe environment for the children , young people and adults at risk within the organisation, including overseeing safer recruitment.

2.    To raise awareness by:

a.    Reviewing on a regular basis the activities of the College involving children or adults at risk;
b.    acting as a senior strategic figurehead for safeguarding issues at the College;
c.    ensuring that the Safeguarding Policy is implemented, and promulgated;
d.    ensuring regular review of the Safeguarding Policy, at least annually, including making recommendations for the amendment of the Policy in line with changes to legislation, when required.

3.    To manage referrals by:

a.    ensuring the person with the concern completes a Safeguarding Concern Form within 24 hours;   
b.    keep a record of all agencies and/or professionals the matter is referred to, including when and what the actions/outcomes are;
c.    keepi an accurate record of any incidents or matters that raise issues concerning the protection of children, young people or adults at risk, in line with the College’s policy on data protection and retention;
d.    advising and taking appropriate action in the event that allegations of abuse are made in the contexts set out in the policy;
e.    contacting agencies immediately for advice if not making a referral. If agency investigations are required for allegations against position of trust and/or complaints, the LADO ( Local Authority Designated Officer) or adult social care services will take the lead and advise what needs to be done and by whom, along with the police.
f.    ensuring that those involved in any case are appropriately supported.

4.    To undertake and promote appropriate training by:

a.    engaging in training to ensure that knowledge is kept up to date;
b.    ensuring that appropriate information and training are available to members of the College who in the nature of their role will come into contact with adults at risk and children.

5.    The Safeguarding Officer will be responsible for identifying roles within the College for which a DBS check is required, and recommending these to Council for approval

6.    The Safeguarding Officer will report annually to the College Council / Governing Body on matters concerning the protection of children, young people and adults at risk and on the operation of the College’s Safeguarding Policy.