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    Welcome to Murray Edwards

    Congratulations on getting your place. 

    These pages contain lots of information and will be updated often between now and when you arrive in October so please visit them again later.  The information below is relevant to both undergraduate and postgraduate freshers but there are pages with information specific to internationalpostgraduate, and Undergraduate and Foundation year freshers.

    Student Registration 

    All students are required to complete Student Registration on an annual basis. This is to make sure that the information held on your student record is correct and, for Freshers, the way that you can get your CamSIS log-in details and access to your @cam email address: it is not a way of registering for, or applying for, a course of study. 

    Please do not attempt registration until you receive an email asking you to log in to your Self-Service account and complete the Student Registration process.

    You must complete your student registration by the deadline given in your email and are advised to undertake this as soon as possible. Registration is designed to be a simple process and will only take a few minutes.  There is further information is available on the Student Registry website.

    Arrival in Cambridge

    For those of you who will be living in College accommodation and arriving here by private care (not taxi), the postcode for your SatNav is CB3 0DR: this will take you to our car park.

    Postgraduate students are expected to be in College for matriculation on 29 September and here is further information on the Postgraduate page

     Undergraduates are expected to arrive on 30 September and there is further information on theUndergraduate/Foundation Year pages.



    For those who live in College accommodation, the College has taken out insurance to cover items in your room and your bicycles.  Please read the Certificate of Insurance to see what is covered: if it does not meet your needs, you are advised to take out additional insurance.  You may want to check your current household cover if you require extra cover for valuables, musical instruments etc, as often additional cover is available as part of a standard household contents policy.  

    Register with the My Endsleigh app to confirm your cover and find out what’s insured.

    Download for Android

    Download for iOS



    TV licensing

    The College's television licence does not cover your room.  If you want to watch any programmes, please read our TV Licensing information to ensure that you do so legally.

    College Specific Information

    Identity Check

    We are required to check the identity of all new students but there are different requirements for students from overseas and from the UK.  Please read and follow the instructions relevant to you and please don't forget to bring the original documents with you when you come to register in College (Friday 29 September for Postgraduates and Saturday 30 September for Undergraduates and Foundation Year students).  This immigration documents guide from the University is also very helpful for International students.


    Information about the services offered by Catering, how to top up your EPOS account and how to book formal halls.

    The Catering webpage has information on menus, opening times and prices in the Dome.



    Scams and Phishing

    Advice on avoiding scams and phishing attacks

    Caution Money

    The College requires all new full-time undergraduate and graduate students to pay £200 caution money: this is included in their first College Accommodation Bill.  Read more...

    Amenities Charge

    All members of the College not living in College accommodation are charged a termly Amenities Charge; this includes medical and veterinary clinical students.  Read more...

    Discounted Rail Fairs

    Get 1/3 off the cost of travelling by train with a 16-25 Rail Card (also covers mature students)

    Bank Accounts

    We can only provide you with a letter of introduction to a bank once you have arrived in Cambridge. We will need to know which bank you want to open an account with as they can require different letters.

    We have been advised that Barclays Bank will only allow international students to open a student account if they have lived in the UK for three years. International students who have lived in this country for less than three years will only be able to open a standard account. A college letter is not accepted by Barclays Bank as proof of address for those opening a standard account, even those living in College accommodation. It is suggested that, if you do want to open an account with Barclays, you use their app as it is likely to verify your location by GPS and, if it does, they will send you a letter and no other proof of address will be required.


    The Gateway Programme at Murray Edwards College is a suite of integrated interdisciplinary activities. It has been designed specifically to encourage you to achieve excellence and to succeed both academically and in your future career.  Read more...

    Health and Welfare


    Before you come to Cambridge, please read the University's Vaccination Information and ensure that you have any required vaccinations.

    Register with a GP (doctor)

    It is a University and College requirement that students are registered with a GP in Cambridge.  You can read more information on your options or, if you are happy to register with the surgery right next door to College, you can register on-line right now but please don't forget to add them to your CamSIS Self-Service.

    Disability support while at Cambridge

    The University’s Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) works with students to put in place support for all those who experience barriers in accessing education due to having or being considered to have an impairment.  Read more...

    College Counsellor

    Introduction to our College Counsellor

    University Counselling Service

    The University Counselling Service has a range of self-help leaflets but Transition to University and their General Information for Students may be helpful now.

    Outside sources of support

    Cambridge SU Student Advice Service

    Cambridge Nightline

    Cambridge Police

    Healthcare in the UK

    Healthcare in the UK | International Students (


    Our IT team is located next to the basement of the library (much nicer than it sounds) and they are all wonderful.  Here are some links to get you started but if you have any problems, pop down to see them during normal office hours.

    IT in College, including how to connect to the WiFi (added 23 September)

    Getting started with IT in Cambridge - getting your Raven ID

    Frequently asked questions

    Maps and Travel

    How to find us

    Map of the University


    Frequently asked questions


    Information that people outside of College would like us to pass to you

    Freshers' events 

    Freshers' events organised by alumnae

    Around the world in August and September, University Alumni Groups will be hosting online and in-person freshers’ events for new undergraduate and postgraduate students starting a course at Cambridge this autumn. These optional events are a great opportunity to hear from current and former students about their experiences of Cambridge and meet other new starters before the beginning of term.

    Schedule of events

    Freshers' events organised by the University

    Are you an incoming Black student at Cambridge? Register for our First Year Induction Programme! 

    We would love to welcome you on Thursday 21st September 2023, from 1pm-5pm, at the Black students' Induction Programme coordinated by the Black Advisory Hub.  The event will involve information sharing, meeting some current students and staff, as well as opportunities for discussion. The programme for the afternoon will involve a range of sessions demystifying Cambridge and giving practical tips on how to navigate the University processes and practices.  In addition, current Black students and alumni will host break-out sessions covering a range of topics from societies and leadership, through to post-study career advancement.  Register for this induction event here.  
    The induction will take place on Zoom on the Thursday 21st September from 1pm to 5pm (BST). The Zoom invitation will be circulated 24 hours beforehand to registered attendees, so please make sure you register early to be included in the email with the link. We ask that you try to be logged in at 12:55PM in order for us to start promptly at 1pm.  

    Following this online induction meeting, we are planning some follow-up in person events for undergraduates and postgraduates, after term starts and you have settled into Cambridge. More details of these events will be shared at the Zoom induction, and we will circulate an invitation to those who have registered as well as post further information about signing up on the Black Advisory Hub.  

     In order to empower incoming Black students to share their hopes, anxieties and questions for their upcoming degree, this virtual induction day is for Black-identifying Cambridge University students exclusively; if you have any questions at all about your potential participation/eligibility, please do not hesitate to be in touch with the BAH team at:

     The Black Advisory Hub pursues values of equity and non-discrimination, and seeks to ensure that the day is fully accessible to all disabled participants. If you are interested in any alternative formats for presentations, or would like to make us aware of any reasonable adjustment necessary for your full participation, please do be in touch with Zeena at 


    Centre for Music Performance

    Language Centre

    Information on the Language Centre

    Information specifically for 

    International Students

    Postgraduate Freshers

    Undergraduates and Foundation Year freshers