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Land Economy

Land Economy challenges you to tackle complex economic, environmental, political, and administrative problems

Land Economy offers a challenging programme which provides a stimulating analysis of our environment. The subject has a unique interdisciplinary appeal that gives you the chance to get to the heart of some of humanity’s most pressing issues. The core of the subject is the application of law and economics to the study of land and resources, encompassing the natural and built environments. The course draws upon other disciplines (including history, geography and finance) and includes topics such as real estate investment and law, environmental economics and law, planning policy, development, and land and urban economics. Full details of the structure and content of the course can be found on the University website.

Land Economy at Murray Edwards

We welcome 2-3 undergraduate students in Land Economy each year, meaning that we have approximately ten undergraduate students in the College at any one time. Our Land Economy students are closely integrated with students from other colleges, but also form a supportive working group within College, collaborating and socialising over the course of the degree.  

Typical offer

A Level: A*AA 

IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

No specific subjects are required.

Admissions assessment

No admissions assessment is required.

Written work

Applicants are required to submit two pieces of written work.

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