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Engineering at Cambridge 

Engineering at Cambridge covers a broad range of engineering topics. During the first two years all students take courses covering fundamental engineering branches such as mechanics, structures, materials, thermofluids, electrical engineering and mathematics. This enables them to see the important inter-relationships of the ways engineering principles are applied in different fields. In the third year of the Engineering Tripos students specialise by focusing on one or two of many engineering subject areas, e.g. mechanical, civil, aeronautical, electrical, control, bioengineering, and sustainability and the environment. In the fourth year students specialise still further and undertake extensive project work. Alternatively, after the first year it is possible to transfer to the Chemical Engineering Tripos for the remaining three years of study. After the second year students may also transfer to the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos or the Management Studies Tripos offered by the Judge Business School.

Full details about the structure and content of the course can be found at the Departmental website.  

Engineering in Murray Edwards College 

At Murray Edwards College we admit between 6 - 8 undergraduate engineers each year. This represents about 10% of the female engineers in Cambridge. Within the College engineering is one of the larger subjects, with four Fellows and a number of Visiting Fellows, Bye-Fellows and Research Fellows. Between them they cover the majority of engineering disciplines. In addition to their academic expertise some Fellows have significant industrial experience which they are happy to share with the students to help them with finding work placements during their studies and securing a job after graduating. There are also a number of engineering graduate students

The teaching of engineering at Cambridge comprises lectures, laboratory and course work and supervisions, i.e. teaching in a small group with a Fellow or PhD student. Supervisions make Cambridge special, and at Murray Edwards College you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and further your understanding in a supportive environment. We encourage young engineers to become confident professionals avoiding any sense that engineering is “geeky”. During the first and second year you would have 2-3 supervisions per week, usually with a Fellow from the College or a PhD student. As you specialise in years three and four supervisions become more specialised too and are provided by the lecturers in the Engineering Department or their PhD students.

Murray Edwards College has a thriving Engineering Society and runs a series of workshops, facilitated by our Fellows, where engineering students from all years come together to learn from each other. Topics include programming, finding the right internship or solving challenging engineering problems. Beyond Murray Edwards College you will be mixing with students from other Colleges during lectures, laboratory course work and by joining student run societies in the Engineering Department.

After four years of hard work almost all of our engineering students graduate with a First or a 2.1 and secure well respected engineering related jobs. Our students love the supportive atmosphere in the College, helping them to build the knowledge and confidence required to become a successful engineer.

Applying to study here 

We look for students who are enthusiastic about engineering, motivated to learn more and have achieved highly in their examinations to date.  At interview we will be looking for evidence of some of the following qualities:  excellent knowledge of mathematics and physics, demonstrable interest or experience in engineering related topics, the ability to apply knowledge to solve challenging problems.

In preparing to apply or for your interview it is a good idea to think about where your particular interests lie and what you have already done to purse this further, e.g. work experience, school  or voluntary projects or by wider reading.

We usually set conditional offers consistent with typical/standard offers across the University ie usually A*A*A at A level in concurrently studied subjects (or their equivalent). Full details of entry requirements and selection processes in Engineering across all colleges can be found on the central University webpages.

Moving into your career 

Our students follow a wide range of careers when they leave: some will want to stay closely involved with engineering while others will apply their critical thinking, problem solving  and numerical  skills they have developed while studying here to a wide range of opportunities.  Recent engineering graduates have taken up jobs at Airbus, EDF, Rolls-Royce, AECOM, Diageo and Arup. Others have joined the Foreign Office, British Airways, went into teaching or pursued a PhD in engineering.

We support students in developing their skills and in exploring varied career options through our Murray Edwards Gateway Programme.

Find out more

Many students find it helpful to contact us by email or to visit us to find out more. You are welcome to do so.

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