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Directors of Studies

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    Each student has a Director of Studies, who is a senior member of the University (and usually a Fellow of Murray Edwards College) and who oversees your academic career while at Cambridge. They will monitor and discuss your progress with you, arrange your supervisions and can advise you on issues relating to your course.

    You can expect to see your Director of Studies at the start and end of every term, and they will discuss your supervision reports in these meetings.

    If you need to see your Director of Studies at any other time, you should arrange an appointment via email. 


    Directors of Studies


    Director of Studies


    Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic

    Dr Alison Bonner


    Ms Mary Ann Steane

    Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

    Dr Boping Yuan

    Chemical Engineering

    Dr Patrick Barrie


    Dr Fran Middleton

    Computer Science

    Dr David Chisnall


    Dr Kumar Aniket

    Engineering; Manufacturing Engineering

    Dr Oliver Hadeler

    English Prelims & Part I

    Dr Leo Mellor

    English Part II

    Dr Raphael Lyne


    Dr Anna Barford

    History Prelims Dr Rachel Leow

    History Part I

    Dr Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin

    History Part II

    Dr Lucy Delap

    History of Art

    Dr Lydia Hamlett

    Human, Social and Political Sciences (Part I & any Part IIA or IIB option not listed below)

    Dr Paola Filippucci

    Human, Social & Political Sciences (Part IIA & Part IIB Politics & International Relations; Politics & Sociology)

    Dr Evaleila Pesaran

    Land Economy

    Dr Emma Lees

    Law Part IA

    Dr Sophie Turenne

    Law Part IB and Part II

    Ms Odette Murray

    Law LLM; MCL

    Dr Marc Moore


    Dr Dora Alexopoulou

    Management Studies

    Professor Jochen Runde


    Dr Holly Krieger

    Medical Science (Pre-clinical)

    Dr Julia Turner

    Medical Science (Clinical)

    Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby

    Modern & Medieval Languages Part IA

    Dr Charlotte Lee

    Modern & Medieval Languages Part IB

    Dr Elizabeth Drayson

    Modern & Medieval Languages Year Abroad & Part II

    Dr Emanuela Davey


    Dr Chloe Valenti

    Natural Sciences (Biological) Part IA

    Dr Aleksandra Watson

    Natural Sciences (Biological) Part IB

    Dr Elizabeth Callery

    Natural Sciences (Physical) Part IA

    Dr Alex Piotrowski

    Natural Sciences (Physical) Part IB

    Dr Sarah Williams

    Natural Sciences: Biochemistry Dr Aleksandra Watson

    Natural Sciences: Chemistry

    Dr Zoe Wilson

    Natural Sciences: Earth Sciences Dr Alex Piotrowski

    Natural Sciences: History & Philosophy of Science

    Dr Richard Jennings

    Natural Sciences: Materials Science

    Dr Alex Piotrowski

    Natural Sciences: Pathology

    Dr Paolo D'Avino

    Dr Julia Turner

    Natural Sciences: Pharmacology

    Dr Simon Bulley

    Natural Sciences: Physics Dr Sarah Williams

    Natural Sciences: Physiology, Development & Neuroscience

    Dr Julia Turner

    Natural Sciences: Psychology; Physiology & Psychology

    Dr Thomas Cope

    Natural Sciences: Zoology

    Dr Nick Mundy

    Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

    Dr Emma Cahill

    Theology & Religious Studies

    Dr Philip McCosker

    Veterinary Science (Pre-clinical & Clinical)

    Dr Frances Henson