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Chemical Engineering

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The Chemical Engineering course is a four-year full-time course qualifying students for both the BA and MEng degrees. The course is accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. It is possible to graduate after three years with just the BA degree.

In the first year, students study either first-year Natural Sciences or first-year (general) Engineering. The following years are spent learning Chemical Engineering with students being based in a new dedicated building on the West Cambridge site. More details about the course can be found on the University website.

When you apply, you do so either through the Natural Sciences route or through the Engineering route and, at Murray Edwards, your application is judged alongside all the other applicants for the route that you have chosen.  Our subject requirements do not differ from those in the University more generally, but students taking A Levels who have Further Mathematics to at least AS Level will be at an advantage offer those who do not.


Studying Chemical Engineering at Murray Edwards

We admit an average of two undergraduates a year for Chemical Engineering and have no preference for a particular track.  Students usually build strong friendships within the Natural Sciences or Engineering cohort during the first year and then further friendships with students from other colleges who are studying Chemical Engineering from the second year onwards.

As with many colleges, our Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering is external to the College.  He is Dr Patrick Barrie, who is a fellow at Emmanuel College and a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.  His research focuses around the behaviour of molecules in porous solids.  In your first year, your DoS would be either be Dr Alex Piotrowski (Natural Sciences route) or Dr Oliver Hadeler (Engineering route), both of whom are fellows of Murray Edwards.


Assessment and Interview Arrangements

As with all applicants for Chemical Engineering, if you apply to Murray Edwards you will need to sit a pre-interview written assessment in your school, college or registered test centre in early November.  Which assessment you take depends upon which route you choose.  Those choosing the Natural Sciences route will take the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment, while those applying through the Engineering route will sit the Engineering Admissions Assessment.

If you are invited to interview then you will have two subject-specific interviews at Murray Edwards. Applicants for Chemical Engineering via the Natural Sciences route are normally interviewed by the Directors of Studies of both Chemical Engineering and Natural Sciences (Physical). Applicants for Chemical Engineering via the Engineering route are normally interviewed by the Directors of Studies of both Chemical Engineering and (general) Engineering.


Offer levels

If you receive an offer from Murray Edwards College then it will be the standard University offer of A*A*A at A Levels, 40-42 points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) with 776 at Higher Level (HL) or equivalents in other qualification.  It is likely that we may specify those subjects for which we wish you to obtain the top grade.


What our students say

I really enjoyed Chemical Engineering at Murray Edwards; the mixture of lectures, labs, supervisions and coursework was well balanced and interesting and the department has a really friendly atmosphere. The course concentrates on fundamentals but has a real world focus and has prepared me well for my future career - I'm now starting a job as a process engineer with GlaxoSmithKline.” Rebecca (graduated 2017).

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