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    Murray Edwards JCR committee 2016-2017

    There are numerous societies and sports for all students at Murray Edwards College, from hockey to choir. There are also subject societies to support your academic development and are a great way of getting to know other students on your course.

    All Murray Edwards College students are part of the wider Cambridge University Student Union or Graduate Union. The University of Cambridge has the largest number of clubs and societies of any university in Britain. A list of all the University societies is available online. You will find that there are endless opportunities to socialise outside college with any one or more of these clubs and societies.

    Murray Edwards JCR (undergraduate students' society)

    The JCR is the democratically elected representative body for all undergraduate students in Murray Edwards College Students' Union (MECSU). They act as a liaison between senior members of college and students, proving an effective voice through which their opinions can be heard. Their representatives sit on many different boards within college, with the JCR President sitting on College council as a trustee.

    They also represent the College to the wider University through the various channels of Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU). If you have any questions or suggestions for the JCR, come along to one of their open meetings, or get in touch through their website.

    Murray Edwards MCR (graduate students' society)

    Middle Combination Room (MCR) is used to refer to different things:

    • the entire graduate student body of the College,
    • the graduates' common room
    • and the MCR committee, an elected group of students who represent graduate student views in the College and University.

    The Murray Edwards College MCR committee organise regular social events for Murray Edwards College graduates and their friends, including film nights, games nights, garden parties and BBQs. A programme of events is arranged during the first week of the new academic year to welcome new graduates to Murray Edwards College and help them settle in quickly. All graduates have the opportunity to stand for election to the MCR committee in the Lent Term.

    The focal point of the graduate social scene is the spacious, comfortable and modern graduate common room in the Canning & Eliza Fok building. The common room is equipped with sofas, a kitchen, computers, a television, a CD player, DVDs, games and books. Graduates use this room relaxing, socialising and entertaining their friends, as well as for activities organised by the MCR committee.

    Feminist Society

    The Murray Edwards Feminist Society is open to any member of the college who wishes to discuss and learn about issues pertaining to gender and feminism.

    As Murray Edwards is an institution which dedicates itself to the education of women, the Feminist Society reflects the college’s prioritisation of women’s empowerment. This group is able to use its unique position within a women’s college to educate those who may not have engaged with feminism before, and propel forward the cause for empowerment of women as a key issue in college. We hold a fortnightly discussion group and frequently hold socials in college, providing friendly and respectful spaces to engage with feminism.