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Murray Edwards College
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    Professor Sara Horrell

    Murray Edwards College
    CB3 0DF

    Emeritus Fellow in Economics; Professor of Economic History, LSE


    Emeritus fellow

    Degrees and honours

    PhD University of Cambridge

    Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

    Editor, Economic History Review


    I started at Murray Edwards (New Hall) as a Research Fellow in 1989, was appointed as a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics in 1992 and so became an official Fellow in Economics. For many years I was the Director of Studies in Economics for the college and also Rooms Tutor, Finance Tutor and Tutor.

    Selected Publications

    S. Horrell, J. Humphries and K. Sneath (2015) ‘Consumption Conundrums Unravelled’ Economic History Review, vol. 68, pp.830-57


    S. Horrell and D. Oxley (2016) ‘Gender bias in nineteenth-century England: evidence from factory children’, Economics and Human Biology, vol 22, pp.47-64