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    Dr Nicola Jones

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Clinical Medicine; Director of Studies

    Clinical Medicine


    Murray Edwards is a warm and inviting college that nurtures students, encouraging them to fulfil their ambitions.

    Degrees & Honours

    BA(Hons) - 1998

    MA  - 2001

    BM Bch - 2001

    MRCP - 2004

    FRCA - 2006

    DICM - 2010

    FFICM - 2011

    Awards & Prizes

    Pilkington Prize, Cambridge University - 2015

    2nd place in Oxford Medical School Pathology Exam, Roche Prize - 1999 

    1st place in Cambridge Medical and Veterinary Science Tripos part Ib - 1997 

    5th place in Cambridge Medical and Veterinary Science Tripos part Ia - 1996 

    Henry & Irene Dean Prize, Trinity Hall Cambridge  - 1996/7

    Issac Newton Scholarship, Trinity Hall, Cambridge - 1996/7

    Research Interests

    Extracorporeal Life Support, Patient Blood Management, Critical care Ultrasound


    After graduating from Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Nicola undertook training in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine before specialising in Cardiothoracics. She now works as a consultant at Papworth NHS Foundation Trust, the UK’s largest heart and lung centre, and is Clinical Lead for the Critical Care Area. Other roles include Clinical Sub-dean and Associate Lecturer for the University of Cambridge, as well as Chair of the Hospital and Regional Transfusion Committees.


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