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    Dr Dora Alexopoulou

    Murray Edwards College
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Linguistics; Director of Studies



    Murray Edwards understands the challenging complexities women face in today's world, an understanding underpinning its original and effective approach to women's education. The modern architecture and beautiful art underscore the College's innovative spirit and provide an inspiring setting for learning.


    BA, Greek Philology (Athens)

    MSc, Natural Language and Speech Processing (Edinburgh)

    PhD, Linguistics (Edinburgh)


    Marie Curie Fellow

    Research Interests

    Linguistic Theory, Experimental Syntax and Language Learning

    I study linguistic structures   aiming  to understand the language principles and features we use to put words together into meaningful sentences.  I also look at how people learn linguistic structures when learning a new language.

    I focus on second language learning, trying  to answer why mastering a second language is a challenge in comparison to the apparently effortless acquisition of a mother tongue.


    After a BA in Greek philology at the University of Athens, I went to Edinburgh to obtain an MSc in Natural Language and Speech Processing and then a PhD in Linguistics. Before coming to Cambridge I worked at the Universities of Edinburgh and York and held an Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Lille III. I am one of the people who set up  the Cambridge Bilingualism Network, a public engagement initiative promoting the linguistic and cognitive advantages of bilingualism. I joined Murray Edwards in 2016.


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