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    Dr Charlotte Lee

    01223 762205
    Murray Edwards College
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in German

    Modern and Medieval Languages


    The community at Murray Edwards is uniquely supportive. My colleagues have spared no energy in helping me to find opportunities for intellectual and professional development. I arrived in 2012 as a rather shy junior research fellow, and within three years had secured my dream job – a permanent lectureship. This, it seems to me, is symbolic of what the College aims to do for women of all ages, and it is exciting to be part of that endeavour.

    Degrees and honours

    PhD (2013)

    MPhil (2009)

    BA French and German (2008)

    All taken at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge


    I specialise in 18th and 19th-century German literature, and teach this area both for Murray Edwards College and for the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages. I owe my enthusiasm for German culture to the teaching I myself received, both as a student in Cambridge and before that, and it gives me pleasure to be able to pass it on. In my research, I have focussed on Goethe, and in particular on the role of memory in shaping the writing which he produced in his old age. I am currently working on a study of the relationship between poetry and movement.



    The Very Late Goethe: Self-Consciousness and the Art of Ageing (Oxford: Legenda, 2014).

    Edited Volume

    German Life and Letters, vol. 70.4 (2017), special number: ‘Embodied Cognition around 1800’, co-edited with Katharina Engler-Coldren and Lore Knapp.

    Essays and articles

    'Movement and embodiment in Klopstock and Goethe', German Life and Letters 70.4 (2017), 508-17.

    'Johann Peter Hebel and the dynamics of hope', German Life and Letters 68 (2015), 517-28.

    ‘Sie ist so ferne ihm, und doch so nah: reciprocity and exchange in the lyric poetry of Sophie Mereau’, Publications of the English Goethe Society 84 (2015), 63-75.

    ‘Home and homelessness in works by Novalis, Dorothea Schlegel, and Tieck’, Modern Language Review 109.4 (2014), 1030-47.

    ‘Im flüßgen Element hin und wieder schweifen: development and return in Goethe’s poetry and Hegel’s philosophy’, Goethe Yearbook 20 (2013), 167-77.

    ‘Mignon and the idea of the secret’, chapter in The Present Word: Culture, Society and the Site of Literature. Essays in honour of Nicholas Boyle, ed. by John Walker (Oxford: Legenda, 2013), pp. 61-69.

    ‘Durch Wunderkraft erschienen: affinities between Goethe’s Faust and Shakespeare’s The Tempest’, Modern Language Review 107.1 (2012), 198-210.

    ‘Wenn ich leben soll, so sei es mit dir! The relationship between father and son in Goethe’s Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre’, German Life and Letters 64.4 (2011), 489-500.

    ‘Fausts Credo in wechselnder Beleuchtung’, Jahrburch des Freien Deutschen Hochstifts (2011), 8-22.

    Book reviews for the Modern Language Review and the Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies.