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Murray Edwards College
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    Dr Daniel Molnar

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Postdoctoral Bye Fellow in Physics




    MPhil in Physics (University of Cambridge)
    PhD in Physics (University of Cambridge)

    Research Interests:    

    Currently I’m working on a project that investigates potential technologies to upgrade the UK’s telecommunication network. I’m working on the fundamental theory aspect of the project in collaboration with BT. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research, and I am also involved in a collaboration, in which the Gaba a type receptor’s structure is investigated.


    After a BSc degree I started my career at CERN, where I participated in modelling work related to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In 2012 I started my MPhil degree in Cambridge in Physics, at the Cavendish Laboratory. I continued my studies at the Cavendish and I obtained my PhD in Condensed Matter Physics. I spent nearly two years at a software company dealing with various aspects of physical modelling and numerical methods. In 2019 I re-joined the Cavendish Lab and started to work at the Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) Group.  My current research is centred around high frequency electromagnetics and condensed matter physics.