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    Dr Solon Karapanagiotis

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB2 0DF

    Postdoctoral Bye Fellow in Biostatistics

    Natural Sciences (Biological)

    Bye fellow

    Research Interests:    

    Solon's interests lie in developing statistical (machine) learning methods applied to medicine and healthcare. His research focuses on tailored Bayesian inference when different misclassification errors incur different penalties.

    Solon is also looking at novel ways to incorporate liquid biopsies into the management of cancer. Liquid biopsies - the analysis of tumours using biomarkers circulating in fluids such as blood - have the potential to change the way cancer is diagnosed, monitored, and treated. His interest lies in using methodological approaches to extract information from liquid biopsy data and integrating it into clinical practice.

    He is particularly interested (risk) prediction modeling, (medical) decision making, computationally intensive methods, and translational genomics.


    Solon is a Research Associate at the MRC Biostatistics Unit. He also obtained his PhD from the MRC Biostatistics Unit. Before starting his PhD, he completed an MSc in Statistics at KU Leuven.