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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge
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    Mr Rob Hopwood

    01223 762247
    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Official Fellow & Bursar


    Murray Edwards College is a friendly college, striking a unique blend of modernity, openness and informality. It seeks to provide a warm, welcoming environment, in which a mutually supportive community of academics, students and professional staff are able to thrive and flourish.



    Research Interests

    Rob is a Trustee of The Roman Research Trust which provides financial support for research and education in the field of Romano-British Archaeology.


    Rob was educated in Gloucester, before going on to attend the University of Southampton and Geneva University in Switzerland. After graduating as a modern linguist, Rob specialised in Finance and Corporate Services roles, spending 14 years in Cambridge at Jesus College and then Trinity College, before serving for over 8 years as The British Academy’s Director of Finance and Corporate Services - a period which saw the Academy’s annual income more than double to £60m and its financial worth triple. During that time Rob also oversaw several capital building projects, established a successful venue hire business from start-up, and played a crucial role in securing the Academy’s long-term future at its strategic location along Carlton House Terrace in London.

    Aside from enjoying the wide and varied portfolio of Bursar at Murray Edwards College, Rob takes a keen, if amateur, interest in art, food and France. You may also, on occasion, find him on a tennis court.