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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge
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    Dr Tiarnan Doherty

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB2 0DF

    Oppenheimer Research Fellow in Physics; Schmidt Science Fellow




    • PhD Physics, University of Cambridge
    • ME, Materials Science and Engineering, University College Dublin
    • BA, Physics, College of the Holy Cross

    Research Interests:    

    • Energy Materials
    • Electron Microscopy


    Tiarnan is an Oppenheimer Research Fellow and Schmidt Science Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy. His research to date has focused on understanding the fundamental properties of metal halide perovskites, a revolutionary new technology for inexpensive, scalable, and highly efficient solar panels.

    Selected Publications:

    *Macpherson, S.M., *Doherty, T.A.S., Winchester, A.J., Kosar, S., Johnstone, D.N., Chiang, Y-H., Galkowski, K., Anaya, M., Frohna, K., Iqbal, A.N., Roose, B., Andaji-Garmaroudi, Z., Midgley, P.A., Dani, K.M., Stranks, S.D., Local Nanoscale Defective Phase Impurities Are the Sites of Degradation in Halide Perovskite Devices, Nature, 2022

    *Doherty, T.A.S., *Nagane, S., Kubicki, D.J., Jung, Y-K., Johnstone, D.N., Iqbal, A.N., Guo, D., Frohna, K., Danaie, M., Tennyson, E.M., Macpherson, S., Abfalterer, A., Anaya, M., Chiang, Y-H., Crout, P., Ruggeri, F.S., Collins, S.M., Grey, C.P., Walsh, A., Midgley, P.A., Stranks, S.D., Tilted Octahedral Stabilize Photoactive Metal Halide Perovskites and Inhibit Formation of Local Sites of Operational Performance Losses, Science, 2021

    *Doherty, T.A.S., *Winchester, A., Macpherson, S., Johnstone, D.N., Pareek, V., Tennyson, E.M., Kosar, S., Kosasih, F., Anaya, M., Abdi-Jalebi, M., Andaji-Garmaroudi, Z., Wong, E.L., Madéo, J., Chiang, Y.-H., Park, J.-S., Jung, Y.-K., Petoukhoff, C., Divitini, G., Man, M.K.L., Ducati, C., Walsh, A., Midgley, P.A., Dani, K.M., Stranks, S.D., Performance-limiting nanoscale trap clusters at grain junctions in halide perovskites. Nature, 2020