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    Dr Sherine Thomas

    01223 766028
    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Postdoctoral Bye Fellow in Biochemistry

    Natural Sciences (Biological)




     MSc, PhD               

    Research Interests  

    Sherine is interested in understanding the structure, function and dynamics of biological macromolecules in the context of bacterial and viral infections. She is particularly keen on proteins that are involved in translational control, there by regulating microbial gene expression.

    Antibiotic resistance is a rising global healthcare concern that needs urgent attention. Many different scientific methods are being explored to find new antibiotics. Sherine’s current research involves the use of fragment-based drug discovery, a powerful approach using very small molecules, to define binding sites on proteins that are targets for new drugs. These small molecules are then progressively built-up chemically, based on knowledge gathered from a range of structural biological, biophysical, biochemical and computational techniques, to create potential antibiotic drug candidates.


    Sherine first came to the UK as a British Commonwealth scholar, after graduating from the University of Kerala, India. She did her MSc degree in Medicinal Chemistry (Loughborough University) and trained in drug discovery research in the pharmaceutical industry prior to completing her PhD in Biochemistry (2019) under the supervision of Prof. Sir Tom Blundell at the University of Cambridge. She currently works as a Research Associate in Prof. Blundell lab while collaborating with Prof. Andres Floto (MRC- LMB) and Prof. Chris Abell (Department of Chemistry, Cambridge) groups. Sherine provides training to PhD and project students in the lab as well as supervise second year (Natural Sciences Tripos) students reading Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.


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