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    Dr Gabriel Okello

    University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
    1 Trumpington Street
    CB2 1QA

    Bye Fellow in Sustainability Leadership

    Sustainability Leadership

    Bye fellow


    • PhD in Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK
    • MSc in Organic Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, China
    • BSc in Food Processing Technology; Kyambogo University, Uganda

    Awards & Prizes     

    • PATS MECOR Award 2019: Determining the level of exposure to ambient air pollution among urban traffic-junction officers in Kampala, Uganda
    • BREATHE Small Awards 2018: Effect of cooking behaviour on exposure to household air pollution from different cooking fuels

    Research Interests       

    Research active expert with vast experience in renewable energy, air pollution and human exposure science with interests in the effects of air pollution on health of people and the environment.

    Exploring a transdisciplinary approach centred on involvement of societal actors to generate evidence to inform the conceptualisation and co-design of strategies to address air pollution urbanizing cities in LMICs.  

    Passionate about promoting evidence-based policies and interventions to reduce human exposure to air pollutants in outdoor, indoor and workplace settings; and improve understanding that cleaner air in all settings can benefit public health.


    Global Sustainability fellow and Research Associate in Air Quality and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, a member of the Global Diet and Physical Activity (GDAR) Network and visiting researcher at Makerere AirQo. Current research involves applying transdisciplinary research methods to address air pollution as a risk factor of respiratory health in Kampala and Jinja cities, Uganda. The research aims to address NCDs risk by focusing on air quality in the context of urban settings in low-and middle-income countries.



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    Presentation and talks

    1. RE:TV documentary film, entitled ‘Recirculating plastic’. 2021. The documentary film show cases innovation around plastic recycling and creating of green jobs (decent work).
    2. Webinar for Air Quality, Urban Mobility and Governance in Kampala: an urbanising African city context. 2021. 


    1. Okello G. 2021. Could electric-powered motorcycles (e-bodas) reduce air pollution in Kampala and other rapidly growing African cities? UrbanBetter.
    2. Avis W., Okello G. 2020. Learning from Namuwongo (Kampala): Putting Community Engagement at the Centre of Air Quality Improvement Initiatives. ASAP East Africa.