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    Dr Juan Block

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Greta Burkill Fellow in Economics; Tutor; Director of Studies




    MA, PhD

    Research Interests:

    Juan Block specialises in microeconomic theory, with a particular interest in strategic behaviour. He studies the fundamental economic incentives driving cooperation and reputation in environments where individuals only observe imperfect information about others’ behaviour. These models are applicable in a variety of economic situations, such as oligopolies and market for credence goods. In further studies, he investigates the role of learning processes based on social comparisons used by firms, consumers, government and financial institutions to make decisions about production, consumption, policy and investment. More recently, he works on the design of experiments to test these theories in the laboratory and explore how people make decisions using limited publicly available information.


    Juan Block is currently Greta Burkill Fellow in Economics at Murray Edwards College and Janeway Fellow in Economics at the Faculty of Economics.


    Block, Juan I., and David K. Levine, (2017). "A folk theorem with codes of conduct and communication." Economic Theory Bulletin, 5(1): 9-19.

    Block, Juan I., and David K. Levine, (2016). "Codes of conduct, private information and repeated games." International Journal of Game Theory, 45(4): 971-984.