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    Dr Jeff Barda

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Research Fellow in French

    Modern and Medieval Languages


    Murray Edwards provides a remarkable and stimulating environment for students of MML. The college owns a great art collection. I am hoping to work in close coalition with the fellows and the art curator to expand the art collection, organise events and disseminate French culture amongst students.

    Degrees & Honours

    MA and MPhil (E.N.S. Lyon)

    PhD (Cantab)


    Research Interests

    • Modern literature (in particular contemporary poetry), history of the avant-garde and (un)creative writing.
    • Theory of the Lyric
    • Comparative aesthetics and cognitive poetics/linguistics.
    • Found texts, practice of republishing and archiving.
    • Romanian Avant-garde.

    He is currently transforming his PhD thesis into a monograph. It will focus on the remarkable upsurge of creative practices in France since 1968 which challenge traditional definition of poetry and lyricism. He is particularly interested in the way poets bypass lyrical interference that limits poetry to an individual endeavour.


    Dr Barda joined Murray Edwards in October 2017, after starting a job as a Lecturer in French Studies at the School of Modern Languages at Cardiff University.

    He is the co-editor with Daniel Finch-Race of Textures: Processus et événements dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine (Peter Lang, collection "Modern French Identities, 2015) and is currently working with Philippe Charron on a special volume of essays on Pierre Alferi that will be published in 2019 by Classiques Garnier.

    In 2016, he was invited at the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris to talk about French contemporary poetry. He is also a regular contributor to ArtPress, a French-English monthly international review of contemporary art.

    Before joining Murray Edwards, he studied at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and at Trinity College (Cambridge). He also taught at Charles’ University of Prague, King's College London and Cardiff University.



    Barda, J., Charron, P., eds, Pierre Alferi (Paris: Classiques Garnier, Ecrivains Francophones d’aujourd’hui, 2019). Forthcoming.

    Barda, J., Finch-Race, D., eds, Textures: Création et processus dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine (Peter Lang, 2015).

    Academic Articles 

    Barda, J. 2019. ‘Point à la ligne : Usages de la ponctuation dans poésie de Michèle Métail’ in Michèle Métail: Poésie : Travaux publics, Royère A.-C, Royère. eds. (Paris: Les Presses du réel). Forthcoming.

    Barda, J. 2019. ‘Le corps en lecture publique : techniques et re-physication de la pensée’ in ‘Ceci est mon corps’ : La performance d’écrivain : spectacle, stratégie publicitaire et invention poétique. Acta Fabula. Forthcoming.

    Barda, J.  2018. ‘Forensic Poetics: Legal Documents Transformed into Strange Poems ’ in L’Esprit Créateur, Poetry’s Forms and Transformations, N. Parish, E. Wagstaff. eds. Forthcoming.

    Barda, J. 2018. ‘Boules de sensations-pensées-formes in Christophe Tarkos’s poetry’, Nottingham French Studies. Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 18-32.

    Barda, J. 2015. “ ‘Un X d’entre les livres’, ou comment sortir du livre: le Gigantexte X-Libris de Michèle Métail”, in Spaces of the Book, Khalfa. J., Chol. I. eds. (Peter Lang) pp. 211-227.

    Barda, J., and Daniel Finch-Race. 2015. ‘Ce que les textures disent de nos pratiques’, in Textures: Création et processus dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine, Barda. J., Finch-Race, D., (Peter Lang) pp. 1-20.

    Barda, J. 2015. ‘Espace de virtualités et essaim de singularité dans la poésie sonore et graphique d’Anne-James Chaton’, in Textures: Création et processus dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine (Peter Lang), pp.147-167.

    Many books reviews for Art Press and French Studies.