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Alexa Fung: Independent travel to Spain

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    05 Dec
    Alexa Fung

    This summer, I used the funding from the gateway programme to travel to two cities in southern Spain with my sister—Malaga and Sevilla, for a five day trip.
    During our stay in Spain, we chose to stay in hostels, which was a good opportunity to meet people from different countries. In Malaga, we visited the Alcazaba where we walked up the castle overlooking the city from the bottom which used to be a Roman theatre. We then visited the cathedral and even walked up the towers to the top, giving us stunning views as far as the coast.

    In Sevilla, we went to the Royal Alzacar palace, then the Plaza de España as well as the nearby park where we got to watch a few flamenco performances. One of the highlights of Seville was going up the wooden structure “Las Setas” so called because it looks like a mushroom. From the top of the structure, we were able to spot the nearby cathedrals and buildings whilst watching the sun set. 

    On the last day, we returned to Malaga and took a short trip to the beach Costa del Sol where we walked along the coast before visiting an archaeology museum. We were lucky enough to have nice weather throughout the trip, giving me the opportunity to fly my drone where I took scenic videos overlooking the coast and the Gibralfaro Castle. 

    We were also able to indulge in a lot of Spanish food, having churros with chocolate every morning from different cafés as well as having tapas for dinner. Dining at local restaurants has also allowed me to practise my Spanish with the waiters.

    This trip has allowed me to put many skills into action, from planning ahead to budgeting, but also being flexible during a trip. It has been an eye-opening experience for me culturally, having visited numerous historic sites that have a mix of architectural styles. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to visit Spain whilst challenging myself to new experiences, increasing my confidence levels expanding my comfort zone.

    Alexa Fung
    Veterinary Science