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Medicine - Fiona Kehinde

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    Photo of Medicine student Fiona Kehinde
    Medicine student Fiona Kehinde

    About you

    I come from a Nigerian family but have spent most of my life in the UK, being based in North London for the majority of my life. I love fashion, music and travelling. I have done a lot of voluntary work throughout secondary school and I volunteered at an orphanage on my gap year in Vietnam. I also volunteered at a centre for disabled children during my time there. I found my love for science when I was very young and have never looked back since! I applied to Cambridge never thinking that I would actually get in!

    Enjoying my subject

    Throughout school biology was always my favourite, the areas of the curriculum which touched on the human body interested me the most. Without sounding crazy, I have always found it fascinating how all the parts of the body work together so beautifully. Medicine is such a universal subject, there are so many aspects which match my interests and the career possibilities are endless. 

    Life at Murray Edwards College

    At first, life at ‘Medwards’ scared me. Coming from London I was used to the busy hustle and bustle of day to day life, but Medwards lifestyle grew on me very quickly. Murray Edwards is such a beautiful college and the staff are so friendly and kind. They are always willing to help.

    Supervision System

    Being shy the supervision system seemed quite daunting at first but as you go on you see that supervisors are just there to help you further your understanding of certain topics. I always find that I learn a lot from supervisions and they are invaluable experiences.

    Building a social life

    Making friends is not something to worry about. You meet new people almost every day and everyone is quite open. Balancing work and a social life is hard at times but everyone manages to do it. At Cambridge everyone is going through the same thing so people are always understanding and willing to help each other out!