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Student reading in the gardens

We summarise key information about financing your studies below.  The University also provides information about the financial help available on its finance pages and the Government provides information about  support available for home students.

The first step is to clarify whether you will be treated as a Home, European or Overseas student for fee purposes. There are detailed guidelines about this. If you are in any doubt you should refer to the UKCISA website.

Tuition fee loans (UK and EU students)

For most UK and EU students, the tuition fees (currently £9000) will be paid through a loan from Student Finance England (SFE), Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), Student Finance Wales, or Student Finance Northern Island . This is a loan and so must be repaid later, by regular deductions direct from earnings.

Following the recent UK vote to leave the EU prospective students are encouraged to read the recent reassuring updates provided by the Student Loans Company.

Living cost loans and bursaries (Home students)

For most UK students, SFE will provide a maintenance loan towards living costs of up to £8,200 per year (2016-17 figures). This is a loan and must be repaid later (in the same way as the tuition fee loan).

In addition students from low income families will also be offered a Cambridge Bursary (not repaid later) of up to an additional £3,500 per year. This means that for for those on very low incomes the maximum funding available to support living costs is around £11,700 per year.

Living costs vary but are usually around £8,600 per year. For many students (particularly those not eligible for a bursary) there is a shortfall between their student loan and their living costs. This is met by a combination of direct support from families and paid employment during the summer vacation, longer at Cambridge than at most universities.  Murray Edwards College is also able to help some students with a range of financial awards (for travel etc).

Living cost loans and bursaries (EU students)

EU students with a family income of £42,620 or less are usually eligible for a Cambridge Bursary of up to £3,500. Details are available at the Cambridge Bursary website.  Murray Edwards College is also able to help up to two EU students each year from low income families via a Paula Browne Award, and EU students in general via a range of financial awards (for travel etc).

Following the recent UK vote to leave the EU prospective students are encouraged to consult the latest reassuring information  provided by the Student Loans Company and by the University of Cambridge.

Funding your tuition fees, college fees and living costs (Overseas students)

Overseas students are required to pay tuition fees, college fees and living costs. In total, this amounts to at least £100,000 for a three year course. The Cambridge International Trust is able to make a small annual financial contribution to some of these students who are in financial need. However, the funds are limited and the Trust is only able to help those students who are able to provide a substantial proportion of the funding required through their own families or through sponsorship from within their own countries.  Once studying here overseas students are eligible to apply for various financial awards  from College for travel etc.