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Pool interviewees

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Photo of our Offerholders event
Prospective students at our Offerholders' Day

For anyone invited to pool interviews ... you may like some idea of what it means.

Where do you now stand?

We liked your application. You did well in your interviews at your first college. Although not able to offer you a place they thought that you had sufficient ability and potential to be placed in the inter-college pool. You may like to know that only about a quarter of those not offered places from December interviews are pooled and only a small proportion of these are then selected for interview by another college. Many admitted by this route go on to achieve firsts in the final examinations.

What do pool interviews at Murray Edwards College involve?

Your interviews will be similar to those in the first round but with no written tests. We are often told that the pool interviews at Murray Edwards College are challenging but also friendly and supportive. Our current students often run a popular Help Desk in Murray Edwards College on pool interview days. They will welcome you on arrival, help you to find your way around and answer any questions you may have about student life here. We provide free meals and free accommodation the night before if you need them.

Is it really worth travelling to Cambridge again?

Yes definitely. We have chosen you from the pool and are seriously interested in your application. We make a number of offers to those from the pool each year and are delighted by the strength of many pooled candidates. It is also important that you come and take a look at us. We understand that you will be disappointed not to have been selected by your first choice college. However, keep an open mind, Murray Edwards College is a lively and welcoming college able to offer excellent teaching and study facilities. Over 90% of our students achieve a 1st or 2:1 in final examinations. Come and see what you think.

What's it really like to be pooled to Murray Edwards College?

"After 3 interviews at two other colleges, my interview at Murray Edwards completely changed the way I viewed Cambridge. I was welcomed as soon as I walked through the door. The provisions for making pool Interviewees feel at ease are wonderful and I walked out certain that this was the place I wanted to be!" - Emma, Theology & Religious Studies

Read what a Natural Scientist and an English student wrote about their experiences of being reinterviewed.

And if you are offered a place …

Our present first years invite many of those offered a place to join them for our 'Offer Holders' Overnight Stay' in mid-March. It's term time so you join them in their Department and around the city. It's fun, very popular, unique to this College and a great way to get a taste of Cambridge as a college student.

"I attended the offerholders' overnight stay and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I found it immensely helpful and informative." (Offerholder, March 2015)