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Physical Natural Sciences - Daniella Sauven

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    My name is Daniella, and I’m a second year Physical Natural Scientist. I got pooled to Medwards and I am so glad that I did! Medwards is such an informal, friendly college where I feel I can always talk to my Director of Studies, supervisors, and tutor about any issues I might have. Another great thing about Medwards is that all the freshers are put in the same accommodation block so that you quickly and easily make lots of new friends!

    In the first year, I took Physics, Chemistry, Material Science and Maths B. This year I am taking Chemistry A, Chemistry B, and Materials, with the hope to end up doing Materials in third year. Doing Natural Sciences allows you to keep your subject choice as wide as you want. For me it was really beneficial, I gained an extra year of physics which I would not have done, had I applied elsewhere. I also was introduced to the subject of Material Science which rapidly became my favourite module! Another positive for me about the course is that it provides a high level of structure and contact hours, so that I don’t have long days where I have to organise my own work. The down side of this is that often there are very long days - and Saturday lectures! Amazing though it may seem, Saturday lectures grew on me. I needed to get up to work anyway, and this got me up and out on a Saturday morning.

    Despite the 30-odd hours of contact a week, there is still plenty of time for socialising. In my first year, I sung in Fitzwilliam Chapel Choir, played in a concert band, and did ballroom dancing (something I had never done before university). I also worked for a charity, Education Partnerships Africa, which led to me spending my summer in Kenya! As long as you are organised with your time, there are endless possibilities as to what you can do.