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Land Economy - Assunta

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    Photo of Assunta, a Land Economist studnet
    Land Economist student Assunta

    Why Land Economy?

    I’m Assunta, a third-year Land Economist at Murray Edwards. I studied Geography in my first year and then decided that Land Ec would be a better fit for me - it lets you get involved in a wide array of areas within Law, Economics and Environmental Studies. I’m personally really into EU matters, be they economic, political, or legal. This is something that Land Economy covers well.

    The Land Ecs are a super fun bunch (both self-proclaimed and as seen by other subjects) so everyone has plenty of opportunities to socialise - this is definitely something to look forward to if you’re thinking of applying!

    My week

    An average week for me consists in ten hours of lectures (most of them at perfectly humane times), and two to three supervisions. This means lots of essay-writing and other supervision work, but you’ll find that there’s always enough time for things that happen outside the faculty and the college library. I’m involved in a couple of college societies and I play squash a few times a week, and still manage to annoy my friends. Conclusion: the workload is always going to be heavy at Cambridge, but don’t worry.

    Murray Edwards

    Murray Edwards itself is a wonderful place and I consider myself very lucky to be here. It is not only renowned for its legendary Garden Party at the beginning of May Week each year, but also for its incomparable family atmosphere and academic and tutorial support. I found like-minded people here within an instant (even though I came here ALL THE WAY from Germany), and they’re all keepers. When it comes to other needs, college staff are really helpful and supportive. This can entail bursary advice and personal support from Tutorial, but also things like replacement room keys and college cards when you’ve misplaced yours (I’m a sucker for those - big shout out to our lovely porters).