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Primary school pupils to explore College gardens as part of exciting new project

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    03 February 2020

    On 25 and 27 February, we will be inviting children from Mayfield Primary School to explore and be inspired by the College gardens and the New Hall Art Collection. 

    Along with Girton Glebe Primary School (who will be visiting the grounds of Girton College as part of their research), Mayfield Primary School has been commissioned to create a ‘Forest of Imagination’ for a new production of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, performed by the Cambridge Youth Opera.

    'Hansel and Gretel in the Forest
    'Hansel and Gretel in the Forest' by kind
    permission of Charlotte Steel

    Working with artist Caroline Wendling (from Wysing Arts Centre) who works with arts and well-being charity, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI), the children will be delving into ideas about forests, fear and freedom. As part of the creative experience, CCI asked us if the children could explore our award-winning gardens. Naturally, we were very keen to get involved!

    Speaking about the project, Jo Cobb, Head Gardener at Murray Edwards College, said: “This will be the first time we’ve welcomed primary school aged children to the College and I’m really intrigued as to how it will spark their imaginations. This project is such an exciting one for the College to be involved with and I hope they will enjoy exploring all the sights, smells and textures the garden has to offer.”

    In addition to welcoming the children from Mayfield Primary School to College, we’re also delighted to have been able to provide the school with plant material from our gardens to aid the artistic process.

    ‘Hansel and Gretel’ will be performed at the Storey’s Way Field Centre at Eddington and the children’s work will be installed in the foyer there, creating an atmosphere for audiences as soon as they arrive to see the production on 28 and 29 March.

    Many thanks to Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination for inviting the College to play its part in this wonderful community engagement project.

    This project is part of the ArtScapers programme, the education initiative for Eddington, commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society for the North West Development on behalf of the University of Cambridge. The creation of a ‘Forest of Imagination’ is the first commission of its kind for ArtScapers and the Cambridge Youth Opera, and is an exciting development for how children’s inventiveness and imagination can be celebrated and shared.